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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Let’s see your studio setup (photos please!)



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    @LinearLineman said:

    @BroCoast said:

    @LinearLineman said:

    @Danny_Mammy said:

    Unfortunately, I had to sell all my gear to buy the table.... Doh!

    That is a nice table. How do I find it, pls?

    Thx. That is pricy. Almost as much as the OSMOSE Iwant to put on it.

    Yes definitely not cheap but a beautiful design. I am excited to hear what you can do with the Osmose!

  • Lol. @BroCoast, I’m feeling the pressure!

  • I'd never considered a gooseneck holder for the iPad, so I never expected this exact setup, but it's my favorite yet.

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    Thanks to all for sharing your setups, from pro’s to amateurs! Really inspiring! Here is a run-through of mine for those interested in setups.

    Family’s out so I occupied a corner of the living room. Sadly I have no permanent place so I am mostly sofa/iPad/headphone based. But, it makes it a lot of fun and sparks creativity setting my gear up.

    The heart of the setup is an iPad Air 4 running Roland Zenbeats. As most of us😉, the iPad is packed with too many apps. Two Launchkey Mk3 controllers, the Mini for simple key playing, and the full size for piano since I am a decently trained classical piano player since I was a kid.

    With the digital domain taken care of using the iPad, I also have a UNO Synth Pro to get what I feel is that classic analog warmth and tactile feel from time to time. Audio in and out is handled by an Arturia Minifuse 2 audio interface connected to an iLoud speaker and a pair of Audio Technica headphones for mixing and mastering duties. On the sofa I use a pair of light Sony DJ monitor headphones. Everything runs on powerbanks. Finally I have a mic set with stand from BeyerDynamic for fun, I am mostly a keyboard guy. Singing is not my game.

    That’s it. I am very content with this setup, it is flexible, sizeable, and it makes it a lot easier to fight GAS, since I know there is not much I can’t do…

    Happy spring to you all!😁


  • Needs a panorama to squeeze in my rearranged creative space, can’t believe after years of messing about and the last week and a half of crazy rebuilding that I’ve finally made space for the writing/drawing desk, graphics workstation, modular nest and daw desk all laid out left to right in this image. I should have waited until the cat was installed, she actually fell asleep in here for the first time yesterday; domestic bliss 😄

  • @Michael

    Thanks gents!



  • Just bought some new stuff

    Desk Zaor Yesk 2
    Laptop Lenovo + Samsung 32"

  • Studio to come…

    Adding Kawai Novus 10s

    And OSMOSE

    Mid May, I hope

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    My iOS studio fitting in a backpack (iPad Air 2 and latest IPad Air Air and all cables and dongle included) ) , also fitting in the back pack a Mac Air M1 and Logic Pro. No needs for a sound interface and monitors my DT 770 headphones do the job. Arturia keyboard do the job as the Novation Pads

    The Old IPad remote control Logic Pro. It’s the free Apple app Logic Remote control.

    All is ok to Compose, mix, mastering and jamming.

    Where is my studio : anywhere , it can be home , it can be on travel.

    The set up need five minutes even plugged to a high end big PA system via a digital mix console , I give a try invited in Berlin by my Berlin friends to do for free ( I am not a professional) a 30 minutes jam in front of around 15 000 people my set up is sold rock.

    What missing : a power bank able to power 2 IPad. On the way the find the right power bank.

  • My stuff and nonsense.

  • Beautiful in it's minimalism.

  • @gravytop said:

    My stuff and nonsense.

    What pedals are the non labeled ones? (That caldigit is a great hub)

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Studio to come…

    Adding Kawai Novus 10s

    And OSMOSE

    Mid May, I hope

    Are you more excited about the Kawai or the OSMOSE?

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    @Montreal_Music the Kawai, I think. I haven’t had as real a piano action as this for ten years.

  • Same setup.

    A question though. Bought an ipad 9. So 2 x ipad 9.

    Where the volca drum is. Volca drum dosent work. Also selling a mint volca modular. Which means theres a £50 stand.

    Ipad Air 3 to be sold will only get £125 gift card.

    Can visual synth be used if not recieving direct audio?

    Can app still be used whist song is being made on other ipads?

    Or is it not worth it?

    Would you bother with visual synth on own ipad. If it can sync or anything to song?

    Or would you just make a visual synth thing after making song?

  • I bought the akai controller plus a bt thing but never used.

    Could have just used ipad now for dj program.

    but thats only if factory reset does make screen better.

    So wonder if worth keeping for visual synth.

    Maybe just use lfos etc and not audio.

    Maybe making a visual whilst making song isnt needed.

  • Not sure. Dont know about VS. Let the visual be a guide. Lfo and Drambo but no hardware midi. Although a billion controllers.
    I guess sort of raving production.

  • The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

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    It's taken a while to get this all together, but this is working pretty well for me (even with the synths split on either side of the desk). An iPhone or iPad for recording can go into the tripod stand next to the monitor and USB's into a 6 channel Tascam hiding in the left corner under the synths. All the synths are plugged into the Tascam, making recording in Cubasis 3 a breeze.

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    I have significantly downsized my setup for financial and convenience purposes. I do miss the Handsonic. Selling the rest of my pedals very soon. With TONEX, loopy pro and everything else IOS music production offers I have a better setup now than I ever have… Of course the handsonic would still be great but I couldn’t justify the $, wife just had a baby 1 month ago. Ipad not pictured…

  • Gotta sell some controllers

  • @emc87, how are you liking that Boss RC 600?
    I’ve been eye balling it for a while but I’ve seen some bad reviews. How’s your experience?

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    @Ben said:
    @emc87, how are you liking that Boss RC 600?
    I’ve been eye balling it for a while but I’ve seen some bad reviews. How’s your experience?

    Sold it months ago :( It had some quirks
    But with firmware updates it seemed like they took care of most of the problems. I thought it was great! Menu diving sucks on a device that small but the amount of options and customization is awesome. You can basically build your own loop/fx pedal, ahhh yea I miss that one too… But tbh so many more options on IOS when it comes to looping and effects, I’m doing just fine. RC600 is a very cool, deep device if I hadn’t fell on the times
    I have I would’ve kept it for sure.

    I found myself using the RC600 and the Handsonic mostly as midi controllers and needed the $ so I decided to go all in on IOS and just use a cheaper midi pedal and go back to finger drumming and programming beats. If I had disposable income again I would still have both of them for sure! They are awesome!

    Now I have midi pedal with basically unlimited banks thanks to Loopy pro/midi magic. It was hard work to get it to where it’s at but it was worth it. Waaaay more effects options and TONEX is just killer! The effects on the 600 are no joke either though, even has cabinet and amp emulation that is very good if you’re a guitar player. It’s a very powerful device.

  • My happy space. Still need a 3 or 4 tier a-frame keyboard stand for other hardware

  • Maybe silly to not buy an ipad air instead of an ipad 9. As a main logic hub, which would deal with synths only Then audio.

    but its cool.

    3 x Drambos, Generally.

    Might buy strokes if mirack isnt easy.

    Brushfi is cool enough. Plus Id probably record with an app and not line in.

    At worst just for samples that dont need to be a pristine synth.

  • For about £300 more.

    There could have been an air 5.

    A better central hub. Even if logic on other ipads were both logic.

    Probably silly but it might still work.

    Just need a few blazing synths I guess.

  • I think I bought this just for hipster pics.

    Still mapping since 2019.

    Drambo drums ( plus a background AUM )

    To a Synth ipad.

    Then a 3rd ipad for most sample management and triggering.

    A mirack for maybe album interludes ( patches welcome ) We will be famous.

    Thought if I use a DAW. Might also use the template for intros etc in a monitored way but obviously use DAW and template on another ipad when mixing. Just start beats etc from a certain Drambo pattern. I guess you could just use an audio file or sampler on the other ipad but maybe gets you in a DAW mood.

    Just loose mic in without disconnecting an L or R and would need to be sure I dont leave 48v on to ipad.

    Back to mapping and forgot how setup works.

  • Latest iteration, note patient kitten waiting for the speaker to come alive, she likes it with the Lyra going full bent 😅

  • Doubt I will swap an ipad 9 for air 5.

    Dont even make music.

    but should be ok modular cpu wise, with sampling on a 3rd ipad.

    Apart from getting dizzy looking left and right.

    Might be cool to have main elements on different ipads but no timeline.

    Drums. Synths. Samples.

    Id put the drum ipad under sample ipad but also send aum to Drambo for audio.

    and controller is better in right hand.

  • The most recent iteration of my live rig.

    At left: my homebuilt MIDI pedalbuttonboard, controlling a basic iPad (5th Gen) running four synth channels in AUM. The buttonboard is still in beta mode, and has both octave and hold buttons. It'll eventually get bluetooth.

    At right: Korg Microkey 37 and NanoKontrol2 controlling an iPad Air (3rd Gen), also running four synth channels in AUM plus one loop in good old LoopyHD.

    On both pads the four synth channels are running simultaneously, and I fade them up and down as needed. Audio outs feed into my Rolls MiniMix4, which can be 9V or AC powered, and has four stereo channels in (both 1/4" and 1/8") and two outs (same). It's the perfect mixer for my compact rig.

    Btw, the big drum is 22x6, and is one section of a 22x18 bass drum I built up from a Keller shell thirty years ago. Having not used it in over a decade I got out my handsaw and sliced it into 6" and 12" sections. Both pack a wallop when it hard, but also a nice rumble when tapped. (I always have at least one acoustic instrument in my otherwise iOS setup.)

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