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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Let’s see your studio setup (photos please!)



  • Oops I did it again; new speakers cause audio reshuffle madness…I’ll try and remember to take another when it’s all back together

  • All back together… this’ll last, about a week I reckon 😅

  • Couch setup. All fits in small basket that can be stowed under coffee table. Lavalier mic for scratch vocals is on the way. It will fit in the basket too.

  • Been re-organising the desk and some other stuff...'s my two current 'corners' with absolutely zero sound treatment :sunglasses:

    Yeah, that's my trusty TX81Z that is now in proper working order again...
    ...plan to go thru some of the other stuff from the closet later on...
    (I may have to take my SY85 to a quick visit to Yamaha and retrofit it with a USB Floppy Emulator. The dude serving the Clavinova Grand Piano at a local church told me it should be no worries maybe $150 or so in parts and labour).

    We'll see as my SY85 is already 30 years old...
    (Got too much hardware laying around so I need to keep it simple)


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  • @JMmusic said:
    My little iPhone studio :)

    That is so cute!😁🙌


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  • I've been keeping out of this thread while building out my new studio area, but there's some fantastic and fascinating setups in here. Love it.

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    (Oops, triple-posted)

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    (Oops, triple-posted)

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    The dance group I've been making music for is returning to in-person classes, and I'm trying out a new iteration of my live rig, which has been iOS-based for going on a decade now. In the photo: Air 1, Air 3, Korg Microkey 25, Rolls stereo mini-mixer, various hand drums.

    The Air 1 runs apps for the pedals below (old Yamaha organ pedals that have been midi-fied, with a basic wooden box built around it. Very beta for now), and the Air 3 is for the Korg. The Air 1 cannot run more than three synth apps at once without overloading the CPU, but I'm just happy the now-ancient pad still runs and earns its keep.

    Using the pedals is cool, but the keyboard / iPad tray above is a bit too far away. And the pedals are also a bit awkward, so I'm seriously thinking of yanking the circuit board and Arduino/midi set-up out of it and building more compact box using large arcade-style buttons instead of pedals. Extra switches would be added for octave changes, and various midi commands.

    (Should there be a separate thread for live set-ups?)

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    Getting there…

    I moved all my modules, excepting the Make Noise Tape & Sound Studio (the black units bottom right) and my Pulp Logic lunchbox stuff, (in the little silver and black ‘briefcase’ bottom right) but including the new Moog Sound Studio 3 kit, into a new custom walnut case made by Penny Hedge Designs

    The white case is a Cre8 Audio, housing a Michigan Synthworks XVI sixteen faders unit, hooked to two Doepfer Octal VCAs, and a passive matrix mixer, which give me a hands on live mixing capability for 16 inputs from the rack, in the absence of the WMD performance mixer I would have had if price was no object. (And now WMD are ceasing trading, just as I was getting into their stuff. Damn.)

    Hard to talk of ‘value for money’ in the context of Eurorack, I know, but this metre wide (!) case came in for less than the cost of two Intellijel 7U Performance cases which would have been my alternative, (Though those are really great cases if you gig your rig - which I don’t.) The whole experience of dealing with Penny Hedge was great. The case even arrived in it’s own custom made packing crate! It means I can sell off the Doepfer 9U Flight case, my RackBrutes, and a few modules I didn’t get along with over the next few months. I’ll keep my one 7U Intellijel, though … just in case. :)

    Bottom left on the table rack is a Behringer XR18 acting as my multi channel DAW interface, which means I can mix from my IPad. To the left out of shot is a small over-sofa table which can hold the IPad and/or laptop depending what I am recording into.

    The whole rig is in my living room so there just isn’t room for a mixing desk. I did previously have everything in a dedicated music room/studio, but that room is in the attic, cold in the winter, no views, and frankly not very inspiring to create in. The living room has a nice view of the street, gets the sun in the morning, and just feels like a more creative space, so somehow I had to find a way to accommodate all the kit in a not very big room which also has to manage my books, tv, dining, sofa lounging etc. so now I sit on the very solid coffee table/chest I had made for the job, which holds my various keyboards and bits and pieces, while I plug and noodle on the rack.

    I can monitor on phones, or from the monitors at the back of the table, out of sight in the photo.

    Over the next year I intend to fill out the 1U row with a uPeaks, my second Ornament and Crime, this one running the stock firmware, and various Intellijel and Mosaic utilities. For the main rack, not much more - a Data Bender, and an FX Aid Pro, as my XL (a brilliant, flexible unit ) is now in a new permanent home in the Pulp Logic lunchbox.

    And then? I’ll stop. Honest!… ;)

  • If @Svetlovska can use a briefcase, I can use a breakfast tray 🥣
    Result of recent total redesign… well actually just added an Orba 2 😊

  • Small bedside studio breakout from my main rig. Took 4 years off from production and just trying to get my head back in the game before I try to step back into my main room. Pictured below.

  • And a first gen SE and Ableton’s Note. Heaven!

  • Hell yeah, a man after my own heart. Ultralight backpacking for the win.

  • @Tarekith said:
    Hell yeah, a man after my own heart. Ultralight backpacking for the win.

    Thanks for noticing. While my wife and I can go pretty UL, this setup is definitely not. The tarp is an eight foot by eight foot oilskin tarp from Bushcraft Spain at about four and a half pounds. Since I got it earlier this season I LOVE it and get out under it every chance I get! I'm looking to pick up a ten by ten sylnylon one next year. I got a good deal on a virgin wool blanket and this was its maiden voyage. Five pounds. Cozy, but not weight I would want to carry far. And the little wood stove and wind shield, well I don't usually mess with a camp fire but I wanted to see if it would add anything to the warmth level. No. And keeping a fire going broke my flow with Note several times. The pack is pretty heavy duty Hill People Gear but the rest is pretty light weight. GAS gets me with this hobby probably more than music. Although the only thing I came out of the woods with this time was a sample I'm using, I'm LOVING Note!

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    Yeah, backpacking gear can be super addicting for sure.

    "I can save 3oz by spending $700 for a tent with no poles!"

    Backpacking and making music is one of my favorite things though!

  • I've admired how you can be creative out in the woods. I'm usually too busy, well, being in the woods! I'm in a new part of the country for backpacking and it is frequently windy which provides background noise and it is going to be getting dark early soon. I'm hoping this gets me more productive in the out of doors.

    "Backpacking and making music is one of my favorite things though!"
    For me they are two of my favorite things. I'm looking for that nexus.

  • I don’t always bring the music making hear with me when I go out in the woods, I definitely enjoy my time away from the electronics too!

  • The last thing I would do in the woods is play with electronic gadgets, and I LOVE electronic gadgets.

    I also require a full tent, with mesh nets, because mosquitos find me delicious.

  • @jo92346 : +1 for the Jack :)

  • @Svetlovska said:
    @jo92346 : +1 for the Jack :)

    most important part of my "creative" process

  • My bed is a pretty important part of my setup, that's where the magic happens. I'm an immobile mobile musician. That is, I use a mobile musician's equipment (ipad, small midi keyboard etc) because it fits nicely in my bed, and not because I ever need to be actually move it around. Plus I love using ipads (it's been my main computer device for a long time, long before got into making music) and the low cost of ios plugins is wonderful, get to try so much. But anyway, don't have that much gear yet so it's not much to photo. Great bed though, one of those without legs, 105 cm, very comfy. (And btw I'm able to walk, I just enjoy half-laying in bed more than sitting at a desk, plus less tiring.)

  • This is literally the first time in my life I have an actual space set up for music. No neighbors, so I can sing too. I’m overwhelmed!. Not even close to some of the proper studios in this thread, but a huge deal for me.

    Tascam model 12, Digitakt and a borrowed Korg Ms2000.
    Voicelive3, tons of pedals, Line6 floorboard thingy for Loopy, Vox air gt amp sim, and the iPad.
    Oh, and ikea color lightbulbs for the cabaret atmosphere.

    I still get lost in it. All the midi slaving and whatnot. The Tascam is great, highly recommend it. It’s got Midi clock so you can use it standalone. I don’t really use it that way as I’ve become acostumed to working with clips in Loopy or Zenbeats.
    I wish I had had this 20 years ago!. When you have most energy and drive you have no money, or even a room…
    Cheers! 🤟

  • Congrats, having your own music space is such a liberating thing.

  • @tahiche congrats on the new space - looks amazing!

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