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What are you listening to? Is it good?



  • I read a sentence "the disappearance of Lunar Lander" in another thread about effects apps. It made me think about Major Tom. (As far as I know, he has appeared directly or indirectly in four of David Bowie's songs.)

  • BobBob
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    Many different styles in this thread. I decided to drop in few pieces I bumped into recently. We’re all so different in song selections and I believe that’s one of the reasons of this thread. So, CHAPEAU to the initiator.
    Feeling great to bother again with some salon beats EDM, and no comments feel just fine, just straight to the next audio but what about this remix of Purple Turtle Michael Kay? More remixes exist but the one made by the Argentinian duo Deepness does the trick.
    Main melody consists of only 2 spacy mid centered soft attack notes pre-midway song as if it were the vocals, adding a third note rarely. Making it all so easy and relax, simple and barely touching the keybord it seems.
    Please enjoy and have a nice start of a new beautiful week ❤️

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    There is something with this song. I don’t know what. Very cool vibes

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    Kendrick Lamar's new album is out. It seems that all the songs are officially available on Youtube, so I listened to them anyway. (Relevant to the topic of this thread, Sampha is featured on it. @Poppadocrock has a good ear for music. Also, Thundercat's name is on the wikipedia list.) Personally, I was surprised to find The Alchemist and Kodak Black on the album.

    (EDIT) The Alchemist was on the albums "C4" and "DAMN."

    Besides, Drambo has been updated to version 2.0. I was reminded the more hobbies a person has, the more likely each day will be an event.

    (By the way, these are the songs I was listening to recently.)

  • For some reason, when I heard this song, it reminded me of the first time I watched the video of Xanadu (Live) by Rush. I think this song has that kind of uplifting feeling.

    I think there is a Pavlovian dog-like reaction among certain people when they hear an instrumental music, they think of using it as a sample source. (It is a nasty disease because they cannot listen to music as music itself…just kidding.) I also think somewhere in this forum and SNS, there is already slang like "koala's food", or something like that.
    (I had an epiphany as I was writing this, so this text goes on a bit longer.)

    Koala Sampler app has been on the market for some time now, and I think I finally realized the origin of the app's name.

    Koala parents feed their own feces to their young as weaning food. Their feces contain bacteria that detoxify eucalyptus. (Eucalyptus leaves are highly poisonous.) Baby koalas do not have the bacteria. However, by eating their parent's feces, they can get the bacteria into their intestines and eat eucalyptus.
    In short, the app developer twisted the familiar hip-hop phrase a couple of times and compared it to cute animals (and their habits of feeding/eating shxx).

    …Did everyone get to the answer long ago? Am I the only lapped driver?
    (Of course, it is possible I am way off the mark. If anyone knows the correct origin of Koala app's name, please let me know.)

  • This is a BoC kind of style

  • Of all the cover versions of King Crimson's Fallen Angel currently exist on Youtube, I believe this person's singing is probably the most similar to the original version. (I'm not sure why I did such a research.)

    I think Lex Luger succeeded in giving this track a very thuggish groove.

  • The Smile

    A Light To Attract Attention

    Get on it. Phenomenal album.

  • Been deep diving into Turnstiles discography over the last couple days. Man are they fantastic! Regret holding out for so long.

    Also really really loving the new Kendrick Lamar album.

  • Nat King Cole was one of the best singers of his generation. He was also a great piano player.

    Here's the Nat King Cole Trio's Jumpin' at Capitol from 1943

    Piano: Nat King Cole
    Guitar: Oscar Moore
    Bass: Johnny Miller

  • For some reason this song popped into my head. I had to find it and of course, share with everyone.

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    @Poppadocrock said:

    @el_bo said:

    One of the greatest, I recently read that Radiohead, muse, a few others didn’t think falsetto could be done like that until they heard Jeff. Not long after, they had the confidence to try it, and the rest is history.

    Queen was doing this kind of falsetto before Buckley. And Motown artists were doing it before Queen. And then there’s the hundreds of years of falsetto used in choirs before that.

  • Pixies Doolittle album

  • @Paulieworld's A Pack of Kools made me remember this bit from the old internet, a track posted to Something Awful back in the 2000s:

    It was good, it is good

  • R_2R_2
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    None of you stand so tall
    Pink moon gonna get you all

  • DakhaBrakha. It is so good. Haven’t been surprised and moved by new music like this in a long time.

  • I just love this tune so much...

  • @Samu YMO 👍
    Someone did a decent remake in Gadget:

  • I wasn't really expecting this to be any good. I was wrong, it's awesome:

  • They've done an original as well, it's also really good!

  • Video game music. (I like the story the music in Donkey Kong Country were created with programming techniques inspired by Korg Wavestation.)

    The following compilation album is currently in the HIGHLIGHTED section of Datpiff app. I was surprised to find it has less rap and more soul music. I enjoyed it. (Incidentally, Datpiff app is hard to use.)

    Snoop Dogg Presents Death Row Summer 2022

  • @richardyot said:
    I wasn't really expecting this to be any good. I was wrong, it's awesome:

    At least it is better than that Yardbirds arrangement of Waiting For The Man.

  • It's odd enough to be divine......

  • Imagine dragons - enemy

  • @R_2 said:
    None of you stand so tall
    Pink moon gonna get you all

    I’ve heard his name for so long but never took time to listen.
    Thanks for this, a real gem for sure.

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