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What are you listening to? Is it good?



  • 4 new Albums came out this past Friday, 3/17/2023. All from artists I really love.

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Yves Tumor
    Mac Ayres

  • @Lurcher said:

    @AlexY said:
    Been listening to four Sweet albums from their Polydor years. Some really nice tunes there, though it really does sound out of step with the 80s (not a bad thing in of itself).

    Didn't know that their last three albums failed to chart. I guess that's the fate of most bands at some point but what happened to their old fans? Were they just not able to reach them?

    I could be wrong but I think all these albums were the line up after Brian Connolly had left & that’s like Slade without Noddy Holder - just ain’t right!

    I have to read the liner notes again, but yeah for the last three at least, if I read correctly. They're not bad albums, imo, but I completely understand the perspective you bring up. Felt the same way when GNR lost the core members, and when Motley had Corabi as a singer.

  • If you like cracklin' my friend Jane has a pretty thorough podcast/radio show featuring "Historical 78 RPM Recordings from Around the World".
    I've found some useful fodder there for sampling or other manipulations. The episodes are downloadable.

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    I’ve been diving into the early work of this very problematic artist (full emphasis on both “problematic” and “artist”)

    This performance is one of the most punk things ever:

    Stay tuned for my upcoming Unified Theory of David Allan Coe and David Bowie!

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    This is partly a test post to verify that the Off Topic threads still accept posts but can't be bumped out of its hidden category – but I just saw that the Internet Archive, which has had a discouraging week, has six hundred Robyn Hitchcock gigs back to 1980 and now I need to have a little lie-down.

  • Just rediscovered this - I bought the album when it came out (1980) in my post-hippy electronic music homework, for the MS20-Basildon-based electro band (not that one) I was in.

    Love the speeded up background voices (see also Bigmouth Strikes Again - but we won't mention, HIM again). We can do this sort of thing easy now, but then it was like a piece of space magic.

    A time before Brexit, austerity, WW3, climate collapse, soaring prices, cold (have you put the heating on again?) cold cold, global pandemics, and blessed lumbago....but we've got pitch shiftin' apps so it ain't all bad M0nzoid!!!

  • I've been listening to a lot of Sweet though only a collection, and then the Polydor era albums. I can see now why the latter albums did not do as well. They're not bad, but they sound very different-- and not only because the lead singer is gone, but the arrangements too.

    I'm listening to "A" by Andy Scott's Sweet, and it's much more of my jam than the Polydor ones are:

    If I'd known about this album, I think I would have had a much better time with rock music during '92 and beyond. Very expensive to buy now, though, which sucks for me, haha.

  • Seven Psalms by Nick Cave

  • I am listen to a very good Belgium singer

  • Just because no one is posting to this thread right now:

  • And...

  • The RAH Band - rediscovered by accident. What a hypnotic electric funk sound this is!!
    You can skip the first song, you probably already know it. But especially Mystery Boy is totally awesome in my opinion. The whole album is awesome!

  • Cab Calloway & Nicholas Brothers - Jumpin' Jive

  • In the past several years, there have been 3 new “rock bands” who have caught my fancy:
    Fat White Family, Starcrawler, and these guys:

    Very good

  • Before getting an ipad.

    Id find songs and then overlay a video.

    Which specialised in zero editing.

    The song and videos would naturally sync.

    Sometimes it would spin me out and still wonder if we as a species just have a collective rythum.

  • Retro synth pop:

  • listening right now . amazing ..

  • @DavidEnglish said:
    Cab Calloway & Nicholas Brothers - Jumpin' Jive

    One cannot help but wonder if they were ever able to have children after that.

  • Rocky IV live....

  • @Identor said:
    Retro synth pop:

    Thank you for posting this. I am really enjoying their music. 😎👍

  • Discovered Cosmic Collective recently. They’re fantastic!

    Also played through the new Travis Scott album a few times. It’s decent.

    Newest single from Pomplamoose is also really great.

  • Recently been obsessed with Primus again. Any fans? One of my favorite bands when I was younger and still one of my favorites today.

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