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What are you listening to? Is it good?

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Enjoying these Edgar Froese albums I haven't listened to before.

(Already a thread like this?)



  • Don't know why but lately I'm listening now and then to an old Dutch band, Earth & Fire. For example the number 'Songs of the marching children:'

    Old music from the seventies but it sounds very well (I'm getting old I guess :smile: )

  • And I like the very “Turnado-like” effect at the end

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    Best new track of the moment, Sufjan Stevens:

    And I'm also very partial to this (and Summer Fiction is a great name for a band):

  • I've been growing increasingly obsessed with the Silvia Kastel album Air Lows. Because of the unusual mastering, the dynamics make it interestingly different upon each listen from different sources e.g. iPad Pro speakers, Sony headphones, our home PA etc.

  • Not for the faint of heart. Yes, it's good, though prob. subjective.

  • Been listening to the Roxy Music 72 Peel Sessions with O'List on guitar. Absolutely fantastic.
    Sorry, but I can't link right now.

  • I’ve been enjoying the new midge ure album orchestrated, some lovely arrangements

  • Listening to various Doug Woods and Colin Powell albums, it’s all very good!

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    Been listening AOTPs in death reborn album a lot recently. Pure gold if you like rugged and raw real rap

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    At the moment:
    And yes, i find it good :) Always an adventure to listen to Astropilot stuff for me. There so much going on in his tracks that i need to listen to them very often to get all the nice subtle things.

  • Been listening to these for the past couple of days, but now I’m hooked on that Kyoto - Destiny Child linked above. B)

  • been listening to allot of ghostbox study series this week....

  • This week I have been mostly listening to The Fall, and Captain Beefheart.

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    The Nonce.

  • Unfortunately I’m listening to various takes of songs I’m working on, and no, it’s definitely not good..

  • Jóhann Jóhannsson - created a list of stuff of his to listen to last week, then he upped and died on us. This is his first, and last, album for Deutsche Grammaphon. Beautifully recorded, haunting, unhurried - I particularly like A Pile of Dust.

  • And George Duke, Uncle Remus

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    Well, I forgot my little radio transmitter to listen to my usual stuff while driving, and instead I was stuck listening to the regular radio.

    So, to answer your question: yes, I listened to the “modern pop station” out of curiosity, and no, 95% of it was NOT good. You ever hear this stupid song?


    Seriously, this is what pop has devolved into? Okay, to be fair, if you remove the insipid vocals, you’d get a pretty good chilled trap instrumental, but the lyrics sound like they were written by that second-grader who sits in the corner of the classroom wearing a conical hat whom you and your mates feel sorry for.

    For the other 5%, I actually enjoyed this track.

    Just cheesy enough to be enjoyable with Nicki Minaj being, well, Nicki Minaj. And this track was also fun.

    Imagine my shock when I found out that was Ed Sheeran. :lol:

    Anyways, time to cleanse the ears with something good...

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    @anickt said:

    Not available... :(

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    @greengrocer said:

    @anickt said:

    Not available... :(

    Are you outside US? Works for me. Anyway - a classic:

  • Pure pop, but at least as good as anything she did with The Bangles.

  • @Zen210507 said:
    Pure pop, but at least as good as anything she did with The Bangles.

    Now that’s good pop music. My Teenage crush :* <3 <3

  • It is Dutch, it is a hit now in The Netherlands, most of you probably don’ t understand the words, but, nevertheless, its a very nice songs, I guess even if you don’t understand the words.

  • Gustav Mahler 2nd and 10th symphonies this week.
    Nr 2 is heavy metal for me

  • I think Snoop maybe learned to Schizzle-spiel from this track.

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