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Waldorf Nave your first impressions

A lot of us have been waiting for this so what do you think now its here ?



  • The sounds are AMAZING ! The Modulation Delay is freaking awsome :-) candy for the ears!

  • At work, so very limited on what I can check out, but what I have heard is wonderful!

  • I have to agree sounds amazing and looks better than the videos if that's possible impressive graphics and I thought it was going to cost an arm and a leg but £7.99 uk store bargain

  • funjunkie27 Nave is really worth the money , the app is gonna take hours to learn 100% in other words alot of fun, Brother you will be home soon :-)

  • Hope to play more later but first impression is WOW! :)

  • hopefully i'll be able to get a gift card later tonight to pick this up, but in the mean time just curious if it's just input slot only?

  • Not soon enough @mandrakonian! Hard to focus on anything work related. @protomike - I'm only seeing it on the I/P slot.

  • Another sleepless night.

  • edited June 2013

    Documents said AB input only. It's going to be a couple of days before I can get this - enjoy!

  • edited June 2013

    Its a beast!

    There's tons of presets, its as deep as you like....

    It's a must buy for me.

    This thing just oozes quality ;)

    Just wish I had a week off work with no kids to get busy with it......hmmmmm...

  • That stopped my dithering Dave.

  • @commonstookie lol....@mgmg4871 said it best....another sleepless night..;)

    Are you home yet @funjunkie27 ?

  • I fell asleep at 4.30...and have just got up....whats goin on.....what an incredible synth..

  • It's totaly WOW !!!

  • Hardly surprising but yes, input only, iPad only

  • @DaveMagoo Don't mean to brag Lol. But I have 2 months off between today and my next work project. Perfect timing.

  • edited June 2013

    @mgmg4871 I'm jealous that sounds really nice especially with it being Summer, its such a musically inspiring time.

    Will be nice to hear the fruits of your labour on Soundcloud :)

    I really want to get into the groove but in still tinkering with my workflow.....been gravitating towards NanoStudio on iPhone lately....

  • My Sweetheart might have a little say in this also, but I wear the pants: she just tells me which ones to put on.

  • Sounds familiar @mgmg4871 I'm sure we are all in the same boat with wife's and sweethearts that suffer because we are constantly drawn to great apps like Nave, Audibus and the rest might make an interesting thread { Audiobus Widowes } lol

  • @Multitouch Lol. That would be an interesting thread.

  • @DaveMagoo - finally got home and the wait was well worth it! Great sounds on this thing!

  • The Drive section with all the various distortion/warming options is pretty cool. Almost every parameter is cc mappable for those into that. I haven't figured out how/if spinning the fft graphic affects the sound, but I haven't rtfm yet. Also of note, you can spin the tape flanges by hand, which I was hoping was a scrub feature, but I don't think it does anything. It's a great instrument and a very solid release.

  • Okay I'm trying to tempt myself into buying it: What is it about Nave that sets it apart from other great synths? Is it more like Sunrizer, Magellen, or Addictive...etc? Are the great sounds really that much better than any other Synth or is it more the advanced features available?

  • It sounds great, laid out super easy, easy to manipulate, super well thought out, and should prob be a $30 app not $19.99 (currently intro priced $11.99 US)

  • OK, this discussion make me excited, I am just new to Synth, and I have a stupid question here, can Waldorf Nave produce normal string sound? Sorry for my naive....

  • @JMSexton fair enough, I'm buyin' it!

  • @NoiseHorse - You won't be disappointed!

  • Downloading now!

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