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Problems with Amplitube & VocaLive in Audiobus

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I have the IRig HD, IRig Mic, VocaLive, Amplitube and just purchased the Audiobus app so they would work together with my IPad. The problem is that I cannot get sound from the IRig Mic/VocaLive and my guitar through Amplitube to work at the same time. I have tried every configuration with VocaLive and Amplitube that I can think of in Audiobus. When I connect the IRig Mic or my guitar to the IRig HD, the last one that I connect to the IPad is the one that works, and works in either app. I have had several discussions with Audiobus support staff and they seen to be at a loss. Can someone help me on this?


  • Hi, if one of the IRigs goes into the headphone output, and the other through lightning/DockConnector (I don't know these devices), then that is how the iDevices work: they automatically detect, What's plugged in last, and activate that connection. As far as I know, there's no way around it. Sorry. What you will need is an AudioInterface plugged per lightning/DockConnector, into which you can then plug multiple Mics/guitars.
    Or somebody else knows better and enlightens both of us...

  • Pester IK about it- they certainly pester everyone else enough....!
    (But animal's explanation is probably right on)

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    I did not think it will work, but ask @mgmg4871 he seems to have found a way

  • @bmach11 it's the irig mic that will not work with that setup. I tested with the Apple EarPods and iRig HD with Jamup pro, and it works. Of course, I wasn't looking for perfect sound quality either. There may be other mics that work in this setup also.

  • What animal is saying is exactly the way IK's equipment is designed to work, the IRig Mic goes in the headphone output and the IRig HD goes in lightning/DockConnector. If this is indeed the problem it seems like a very basic flaw in IK's equipment and apps. I contacted IK's support almost a week ago and I'm still waiting for a response. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  • What I meant is, IOS -Devices work this way. On my Ipad Air I always input by means of the Tascam IXZ, AND output through lightning (to 30pin to A/V cable, only output). One has to be thoughtful of what to plug last: Since the A/V cable only outputs I plug it in last, so the output gets grabbed there, the TRRS-input though still works (in ANY App I tested). If the IXZ is plugged last, it will give the output there, as well. Of course, an App like Auria will let you choose, which output you want, I guess. I have not yet found a way to use both outputs or inputs at the same time, without those special routing options inside the App.
    I alway think, it's Apples way of "easing things up" for the user, but I don't know the technical specifications... .

  • I guess I'm confused as to why you are trying to do so much all at once. Making music with apps is still not perfected and it is easy to overload iOS or AB with various gear, interfaces, and apps. If I blow out AB with 5 apps and attached gear everything will crash. Doesn't matter what company the items are made from. So live performance has to be thought through. And if you are home recording... Well it's best to do guitar and vocal tracks separate that way they can be mastered separately. Especially if new to all this try creating easier workflows initially

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