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iPad recording: headphone jack and port at same time

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Does anyone know if this is possible? I just had an idea about using my iRig mic (headphone adapter) and my apogee jam at the same time, but don't know if it's even possible. At work so I can't really test it yet, but will do this afternoon. Just thought I'd ask this group of brilliant folks first to see if anyone else has tried this. My guess is that it won't work.


  • I can use my iRig HD and iRig mic simultaneously. So theoretically I suppose you can. Not sure what you have in mind for this though. Curious. Lol.

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    Thanks Morris. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. How did I know you'd have the answer? ;-) I record mostly acoustic stuff and I'd like to setup and external mic in the room to capture the sound with some ambiance while I record the clean track via my Apogee Jam. Thanks dude!

  • @mgmg4871 Is there any way to disable the audio out to the headphone jack while doing what you describe? It might mitigate crosstalk issue with inputs that go thru the audio jack.

  • That's what I have proG for ;-)

  • also, do certain apps give the choice of input between headphone jack and CCK device?

  • Hey IRig Mic users, can you get the Mic to work when plugged into something other than the Idevice headphone jack? I now have that Mic and try to plug it into my StudioConnect. 1/4" adapter to 1/4" input doesn't work, nor does plugging it directly into the 1/8" input on the StudioConnect. How do you use yours?

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    I started a similar thread not long ago

    My main interest comes from a need to feel free from wall plugs otherwise there's tones of interfaces to choose from. I'm currently triggering impaktor with a contact mic through Irig while controlling synths with my mpk mini and it works well. It also works with a guitar and an am radio. I'd love to try a way to loop vocals this way but I'm worried it would create a lot of static noise unless you had the right impedance mic to provide enough signal. I still haven't found one though.

  • I thought the problem is that usually when you plug in a Digital Audio interface thru CCK, then Core Audio on iOS disables the use of the headphone/mic jack. At least, that is what I previously thought, but @mgmg4871 seems to have made it work with both.

    @supadom, your idea on your other thread works because the MIDI controller isn't an audio interface, so all audio is still going thru the iPad's headphone/mic jack as normal.

    So does anyone know if it is a Core Audio limitation? Or is this something that Audoibus 2 could fix with it's multi-routing magic? =) I hope so!

  • @Hmtx got it! Soz for the confusion.

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    @boone51 Correction:it's the irig mic that will not work with that setup. I tested with the Apple EarPods and iRig HD with Jamup pro, and it works. Of course, I wasn't looking for perfect sound quality either. There may be other mics that work in this setup also.

  • Auria has a special Interface mode (on general page) with Multi-mode selection that enables the headphone jack when a USB interface is connected. They say though that some other Apps may have a problem if that mode is enabled. Not sure of other Apps would have to set that mode too to get what you want.

    Only slightly OT: I'm trying to get the S/PDIF channels on my 18i6 to act as a sub send/receive pair for using another iPad as an effect unit. So far not got a peep out of it. Not stumped yet, but anybody else tried this with success? The Auria part seems to be OK.

  • Haven't tried it @dwarman, but def interested to hear if you're able to get it working.

  • Guys,

    What is the best way to record from a cd player or turntable/lp player into an ipad mini?

    I need the cheapest solution possible.


  • Adaptor for stereo RCA female to 1/8" stereo male. The RCA end connects to an RCA cable which goes to your audio device, and the 1/8" goes into the iMini headphone jack. There are probably tons of free apps for just recording the audio. I would choose one that let's you export ithe recording in the way you prefer. I imagine an adaptor could be had for less than $10.

  • Radio shack is selling Adapters and splitters and cables at very low prices. At least mine is... They told me I am one of the few people who buy them. Maybe it's a nationwide thing. A phono amp may be necessary, at least I plug from my turntable to phono amp, to audio interface to iPhone. Turntable must be grounded very well if an old one to avoid all "hum"

  • I'd be very surprised if using a stereo jack in the mini will result in any audio being recorded. The socket has a 4th ring for the microphone that the stereo jack will just short out. Mic in is mono too should you actually get connected to it. If mono is OK then you need these three things from receiver tape out (assuming you use a receiver for both cd player and turntable) to mini :®-Headset-3-5mm-Smartphone-Adapter/dp/B00D6NPH88

    Pretty cheap really. crappy quality, but price is commensurate.

    There is no really cheap stereo recording solution. This will cost around $70 total:

    Best way in with reasonable quality stereo and price is probably the Behringer UCA202

    plus an Apple USB Camera Connection Kit:

    (assuming the original mini with 30 pin connector)

    Again use the tape out to the Behringer for recording, but just a standard RCA to TCA stereo cable.

  • @Rafaelcosta Rather than the UCA202 suggested above, take a look at the UFO202 here.

    It's a similar device at a similar price, but it includes a switchable setting for turntable input, plus the earth connector required for many turntables. This is the cheapest option I know that addresses both your input requirements properly. You will still need the CCK as already stated.

  •'re right @dwarman. I wasn't thinking about the 1/8" being multi-conductor beyond stereo.

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