OT (Sort of): Roland RP-102 Sale/iOS connectivity question

Hey guys, I’m in the market for a digital piano and I saw that today there is a deal for the Roland RP-102 88 key digital piano for $700 (instead of $1000). I’ve been reading various reviews and it seems like at this sale price point it’s a pretty good deal. The one thing that I was not able to confirm was iOS connectivity. This thing has Bluetooth, and everything I see looks like it’s for turning sheet music pages and connecting to the companion app. Does anyone know if I would be able to connect this to other iOS apps and use it as a MIDI controller over Bluetooth and/or USB? And if anyone owns this I would love to hear what your thoughts on it are overall. Thanks!


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    Gah! Turns out this is in some foreign country somewhere, not here. I’d like to get something like this one day – proper weighted keys etc. No room for it at the moment though.

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