Jazz Fusion Odyssey (made with Loopy/Drumjam/Thumbjam)

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  • Very cool!

    Just curious, was Loopy doing any timestretching there that you didn't intend... there are more artifacts in that recording than I would expect....

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    I expect that's to do with the number of times I adjusted the tempo. I think it started as 90 when I made the first loops in Drumjam and a couple of simple ones in Thumbjam, and then I raised it to 120 before recording the vocals. Then I re-recorded my Thumbjam parts by dropping it to 60, as I'd never be able to play fast/accurately enough otherwise, before raising it to 120 again when I went back to Loopy.

    If I want to change tempos while making a future project, I think I'll plan it out better so I don't have to timestretch the loops any more times than absolutely necessary. But I'm sure you know how it is - you get new ideas and then have to get to a point where you can play them!

    EDIT: I am totally blown away by how I can make stuff like this using an iPhone. I just sat in my car and recorded the loops. My tunes earlier in the week were made on my iPad.

  • Damn, that track is so quirky/happy... I couldn't help but giggle when you started singing. Good job! :D

  • Tap Jazz Odyssey

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