Anytune and Anytune Pro+ are compatible with Audiobus now! And on Sale!

It's time I did one of these announcements myself:

Anytune and Anytune Pro+ are compatible with Audiobus and on 50% Sale now!

Here's how to use Anytune with Audiobus and GarageBand:


  • this app is like a dream come true. had a short twitter exchange with the dev and if youʻre a sample-based producer, this app can really come in handy if youʻre looking for a truly amazing time stretching app.

    the workflow iʻm currently using is sample into audioshare, then use the Open In feature to open the wave into anytune pro+

    from there, you can add some really amazing EQ options and even loop your sample. record into your favorite daw (beatmaker or cubasis in my case) and youʻve got yourself a great sounding timestretched loop with barely any artifacts.


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    thnx for update guys.

    @hypoetical - just curious, why not use bm2's timestretch feature? also have you heard of DIRAC timestrech technology, same kind that samplewiz uses and auria will soon get. i actually know little about how that stuff works but do you know if anytune uses that or how it compares?

    i also like working with samples so am very interested in this app.

    right now when i want a sample in a diff key, i'll load a song into audioshare, trim the part i want, then load into vokey and as it also has timestretching ability.

    thnx in advance

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    Check out the link down at the bottom it mentions it used can download and try for free...

  • I've heard some great things about this app

  • @gjcyrus good question. i think itʻs a workflow thing to be honest. for me, i like to timestretch in realtime with a metronome or drum track playing in the background. this way, i would be able to play some drums on BM2 or DM1 and try and match my sample to it.

    not sure what engine itʻs using but i can say this... i was able to timestretch a sample in realtime from 1.0x to 0.25x without any artifacts. it was pretty amazing.

  • there you go, @DaveMagoo confirmed it uses DIRAC :)

  • thanks guys! downloading it now

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