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Auria Midi Controllers

edited September 2014 in Support and Feedback

As I start to work in Auria I feel like I could accelerate my workflow by having some type of controller.

Transport, solo, mute, faders, maybe?

Something portable would be awesome. I thought of getting the Nanokontrol 2 but there's always people complaining about the Nano series.

It's also complicated as Auria doesn't seem to have a mind-blowing midi remote integration. Some kind of learn function or something would be nice but I'm over that already.

Thank You


  • The NanoKontrol 2 works with Auria in Mackie HUI mode. From what I've read the Nano series 2 is better quality than the original. There's a Samson controller, the MF8, which looked enticing. I ordered one and had bad luck, haven't tried it again. Don't know if it works with Auria, though.

  • NanoKontrol 2 has been good to me. Bought mine used for 40 bucks.

  • Thank You guys. I know both of you have some experience.

    @Syrupcore: it's nice to know as I consider you a heavy user from what I've read.

    And you too, @miguelmarcos. :)

    Thank you for the link. I had seen this. Do you know the brand? Is it trustable?
    I don't want to be a pioneer, I guess. No people talking about that product in the forum...

  • Something that would tilt the scale the other way is the faders travel. Centimeter wise. No specs available online...

  • I'm watching a review on YouTube.

    It has 'banks'. Icon calls it layers. I don't know if It works the same way. I bet it does.

    I think you where looking for something like this, @Supadom. I can't remember if you where in the UK but I'm going to post this anyway:

  • I had never heard of Icon until today. Amazon has it in stock so i think I'm going to try it out.

  • Here's what I've gathered on YouTube. Of course we have to give a margin for error.

    Four banks. Nice.

    Joystick: people complain that it just works as a mouse cursor and not xy. Using ableton. Also a guy saying his broke in the first week and he glued it together but not usin

    Knobs: with slow movement - when you reach either the minimum or the maximum - it doesn't go all the way on the software as 0cc - 127cc.

    Toggle/transport buttons ok; sturdy.

    Usb in like a hub. I saw a guy connecting an Akai lpd8 to it. Maybe it's a standard 2.0 and you can connect anything to it.

    As you can see it's a bit bigger and a guy said it's easier to move around. The sliders and knobs are bigger.

    Korg nanokontrol 2

    325 x 83 x 30 mm/ 12.80 x 3.27 x 1.18 inches

    Icon Icontrols

    325 x 99 x 20 mm/ 12.8 “x 3.9” x 0.8” inches

    In mackie the 9th slider is mapped to the master.

    No track or marker selector.

    Maybe not as sturdy as the nanokontrol 2.

    A few videos of people saying it doesn't work but you can probably find another on nanokontrol 2.

  • edited September 2014

    @miguelmarcos said:

    I had never heard of Icon until today. Amazon has it in stock so i think I'm going to try it out.

    I hadn't either.

    Looks like they have some interesting products for not a lot of scratch.

    No amazon reviews and don't see them available at any of the standard US retailers.

  • Yes the Nano series 2 is more rugged. My friend has not destroyed his yet. That's sayin' somethin' too. I don't like the minimal travel on the sliders though. Not enough control IMO.

  • Interested in playing the theremin, huh @syrupcore?

  • heh. No, not really. Kind of interested in an Ableton clip recorder/launcher though.

    They look like they have a lot going on but it's strange that I've not heard mention of them.

  • The major issue I've had with my nano is the slider knobs falling off n the gig bag. Keep it packed in its box for travel. Also does not slide banks so you only get the first 8 channels controlled. Which is enough for me.

  • Yeah, I was messing with you. I never tried any kind of tech like this though.

  • @Dwarman

    I might buy the korg because I can buy it around the corner and I know what to expect (somehow). And the 'eight' limitation is ok, I guess.

  • I have the iCon QCon which I use for Cubase/PC. Last time I tried it with Auria there was only feedback from Auria to the QCon. Right now I'm in a Cubase session, I'm going to try it again.

    Auria seems to have a very good Mackie MCU integration, I heard it works perfectly fine with a real Mackie MCU.

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