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Ave Maria

edited March 2023 in Creations

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) - in need of some faith to help get through a difficult time, using a Stratocaster and Nembrini MRH810.


  • This is beautiful! I love it.

  • Fully agree with @Paulieworld , this is truly beautiful.
    Your guitar sounds so great, and the music is so moving.
    I love Marian songs, and this one is loved.
    Thank you for this beauty, @pbelgium !

  • Thank you so much @Paulieworld @ReneAsologuitar, your kind words are much appreciated.

  • McDMcD
    edited March 2023

    I like the embedded SoundCloud link but it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find it. I have settled on
    Opening in Chrome and going to the users home page and finding the “share” widget and check to see if there’s a “user” section in the link.

  • Thanks @McD - changed the opening post.

  • Remarkable beginning and the rest was good, too.

  • Thanks for listening @LinearLineman.

  • Tremendous. Guitar sounded like a sax at the beginning. Great playing as usual 👍

  • Listened to this again. Perfect with my feelings. Retro Disney Roy Buchanan Hawaiian. And, oh Yeah, religious.

  • Lovely! Single coils FTW!

  • Thanks for the kind comments:

    @GeoTony - recently been practising with the volume control on my guitar to get those swells à la Roy/Jeff.

    @Edward_Alexander - a hint of delay around 100ms fattens up the single coils.

    Thanks for listening again @LinearLineman. I'm not really religious but my father recently passed and thought this was an appropriate piece for the wake. Hope you are well and this is of some solace.

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