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Train To Heaven

To all those we have lost.


  • Beautiful composition. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • edited March 22

    Sorry @Paulieworld. I lost track of this. I, too was in another world. Thanks for the kind thoughts, my friend.

  • In my last post, I didn't mean to imply we're strangers! That was just an odd coincidence. I got that title from one of Karen's lady friends from church. It sounded like a good sentiment, and a good song title. Although we have never met in person, we consider you to be a friend. Hope you are doing well.

  • Thx @Paulieworld. All good. We are, indeed, friends!

  • Another wonderful composition @LinearLineman . The older we get the more people we seem to lose but it is a journey we will all have to make some day. But hopefully not for a long while yet!

  • Thx @AlterEgo_UK. Yes, we all must take that journey. The hard part part is saying bon voyage to those you love who set sail before you.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    To all those we have lost.


    I love your thinking, Mike.
    I would love to be in this train!!!
    My question is, are there other training headed to another destination?
    Love the melodic and majestic flow of this recording!
    Another beautiful creation, @LinearLineman !!!

  • Ok, I asked ChatGPT to review improvised piano music in the voice of H.P. Lovecraft:

    Oh, how I shudder at the thought of reviewing improvised piano music, for it is a realm of the unknown, where the chords and melodies may take on a life of their own and transport the listener to dark and alien dimensions.

    Alas, I have listened to such music, and I must confess that the experience was both terrifying and exhilarating. The pianist's fingers moved with a frenzied urgency, summoning chords and notes that seemed to come from beyond the veil of our reality. The music was chaotic and dissonant, yet it possessed a strange, otherworldly beauty that I cannot deny.

    As I listened, I felt myself being pulled into the music, as if the keys themselves were reaching out to me and beckoning me to join them in their strange dance. I could feel the presence of eldritch entities lurking just beyond my perception, whispering secrets and forbidden knowledge in my ear.

    In the end, I was left trembling, with a feeling of awe and dread that I have seldom experienced in my years of studying the arcane. The improvised piano music was a portal to realms beyond our own, and I cannot help but wonder what horrors and wonders lie waiting for us in those dark and twisted dimensions.

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