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fjord lines // nostalgic chill synthwave with Cubasis 3 and TAL-UN-O-LX

edited April 20 in Creations

Fjord lines

Long time since I last used my iPad to compose a full track. But I managed to complete this one during my short Easter break at my parents’ place.
I upgraded to Cubasis 3 a couple of months ago and it feels nice to be finally able to group tracks and process them together.
In this track, I mainly used the TAL-UN-O-LX synth and some micrologue as well, plus a few sounds by my OP-1 that mainly served as a midi controller.
Blackhole on reverb duties, and some Kleverb reamp to bring some life to some tracks. Waves L1 on the master channel to bring levels up.

I had to make heavy use of the freeze option in Cubasis as it would begin to stutter with just a few instances of the TAL synth. But it worked.

I guess some bugs still need to be ironed out as Cubasis froze on me several times while trying to move audio clips around. But luckily I never lost my work.

Hope you like it!


  • I do. 👏

    It is a melodic composition to boot, which is a bit underrepresented here (for my taste anyway). Thanks for sharing!

  • @ervin said:
    I do. 👏

    It is a melodic composition to boot, which is a bit underrepresented here (for my taste anyway). Thanks for sharing!

    I second that! I liked the artwork as well.

  • Thanks a lot for listening :)

  • Until the drums came in, I had a very different idea of where the “one” was. I love how this happens with arp intros. Felt like a warm blankie.

  • Man, these are some wild arp chords that can keep going. Love your style!
    Well done, will follow ur sc!

  • Very enjoyable!

  • Had a definite Jean-Michel Jarre vibe to me which is absolutely a compliment. Very enjoyable.

  • Thanks a lot everybody! Just noticed all the other responses!

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