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More AddStation with 2x @Spidericemidas presets, Christmas Crackers and Chestnuts. Plus SWAM Tenor Sax, Trumpet and Eb Tuba. 2 tracks JazzDrummer.


  • This doesn't sound like a one take performance... but a series of layers. Did you try another process?

    And why does is that crazy/idiot drummer driving against the flow of traffic? Other drivers are either crazy (if they pass you) or idiots (if the slow you down). This drummer is both at the same time.

    I got a See Saw Marjorie Daw swing in the "head".

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    @McD, I agree on this one. I will redo the drums today. The seesaw is in keeping with my inner child shtick.

  • Yeah it’s very merry-go-round quite psychedelic in a way. I wasn’t sure if I was counting wrong as I got lost in the drums again 😅

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    @Spidericemidas. Yeah, there is a problem with the drums. Maybe you can shed some light… I recorded at 110 bpm with a click track, yet the 1/4 note with a drum machine is closer to 175bpm. Still it doesn’t stay in tempo with the AddStation arp.

    I can only think I was really off the click track in my playing. Does the bpm automatically set to the host for arps In AddStation?
    This is kind of a first for me… utter failure! I kind of like it.🥳

  • Hmm. I’ve never tried syncing Addstation with anything. I think it should sync to host. I noticed in Doug’s demo that my arps sounded slower than I had them when programming Addstation in standalone (I always program in standalone). He was running it in Loopy Pro. So I assumed Addstation must have synced to a slower bpm coming from Loopy.

    Something else I think might be happening inside Addstation as well, but I could be wrong. When testing some of the presets with multiple arps running in standalone, such as 1/8 and 1/4 arp speeds running within one patch, some parts did seem to drift out of sync after a short while within Addstation itself.

    Also. Check the clock division settings in the arps themselves. Some of them have been programmed at triplet timing with the inbuilt delay synced to match. Even if these are synced to a host, it may not sound quite right unless you switch off the triplet setting in the arp section.

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