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Different Tonebridge instances within Audiobus mix up their settings (bug?)

Hey everybody

I have two Audiobus channels. Each one gets the input from my guitar. But each one should have its own Tonebridge AU effect applied:

Tonebridge setting of the first channel (Oasis):

Tonebridge setting of the second channel (Bob Marley):

Sadly, it seems that the two Tonebridge audio units are not independent from each other, because the first Tonebridge setting now looks like this:

While it still has the graphic from Oasis, the title is from Bob Marley; and also the applied effect now is Bob Marley.

This seems like a bug to me. Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
Thank you.


  • I did some more debugging.

    It seems, when I add Tonebridge to channels right within GTL (without Audiobus running), the same thing happens.

    When I try a similar thing with another audio unit (e.g. the free "Zero Reverb"), then each instance keeps its own settings and doesn't get confused by other instances.

    This seems to be a Tunebridge bug then. Should I file a bug report or something?

  • Yeah, other AU apps have had this instance bug before.
    Hope it gets addressed now that you have reported it.

  • Half a year later and not even got a simple reaction to it. How devastating.

  • Well the app was free, so apparently there was no budget for tech support! 🤣

    But seriously, that's a real bummer. With all the cool Blueboard work you've done, their lack of a response is understandably frustrating. There are tons of people who would have loved to have had this option at their disposal.

  • In fact, Tonebridge has no support anymore, see :frowning:

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