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White Belt, Black Belt, White Belt

A video made entirely using an iPhone and an iPad.

It's called ,'White Belt, Black Belt, White Belt'


  • Those low drums are so nice. What created those sounds? I have a new drum pad and I'd like to start assembling such sounds in my sampling apps.

  • I recorded the drums live.
    The two drums are a Senegalese djembe which I found in S.Africa
    and an Indian drum that I received as a gift from Goa.

    I recorded them into Auria Pro, mixed the track and then exported it to LumaFusion.

  • Oh. I can't have enough drums. I wonder if pitch shifting some typical drum samples would also get that
    large diameter, loose head tone. I got some new headphones and low end sounds impress me. I almost bought the NS2 Trip Hop drum product for $14. Those tuned bass drum sounds (808?) finally got through to me. I wish I could play bass drums that followed the bass line. I'd still play funk but the
    bass would follow the changes. Might make a good "script challenge" for Mozaic. Accept MIDI notes and
    play bass notes from another channel with chords that match the harmonic progression.

  • The low tones you're hearing are the open tones of both drums.

    You can get similar tones using synths but you don't get the overtones.

    When I create the parts I normally create an answer and call pattern or patterns.
    Yeah, when you get the parts to sing together that's when the grooves start to happen.

    I also tune my drums for whatever key I'm playing in.

    It all adds to the harmonic content the track.

    I'm going to have a little more time over the summer so
    I'm going to see if I can record some percussion samples
    and send them your way.

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