Gardens Of Saturn / Kauldron, D-1, iSymph Choirs

Things are different on Saturn. Found a beautiful theremin like lead on Kauldron and a great bass as well. D-1 bells, iSymphonic Opera Choir, RC275 Piano and BeatHawk tremolo flutes. Notice Saturnian music doesn’t resolve much on the ringed planet. It’s those long years to orbit the sun.


  • Wow. Pianos and space oddity one stop shop! This gives me a little david bowie vibe here and there for some reason! Dope shit!

  • Another wonderful effort from you. Fabulous. I could listen to your stuff all day. It’s like Zappa with all the raw talent and playfulness but without the abrasive elements. More, please.

  • @MrSmileZ nice to hear from you. Thanks for liking it and I gladly accept the Bowie compliment!

    Thank you so much @scadet. I sit and record half a dozen improvisations in an hour and then take a day to work each one out midi wise. So I am managing about one tune a day. I never would have imagined such a thing, but iOS and midi make it possible.
    Thanks again for your support and praise. Very much appreciated!

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