iBassist and Cubasis is big trouble

iBassist and Cubasis is big trouble can't get it work correctly over here. Sometimes it works but mostly not. I'm really puzzled.
iBassist hangs most of the time. Make an audio track in Cubasis, iBassist as inter-app. When i want to record the track in Cubasis nothing happens.

Does anyone has the right procedure to make it work?

Regards, Frank


  • Start/stop is tricky. The 3 options seem to be:

    MIDI Clock Start/stop

    Ableton LINK (I know iBassist uses this approach between iB and all the LumBeats Drumming Apps so iBassist starts and stops them together)

    IAA Start/stop

    Look to see if Cubasis support LINK as a starting point. If not look into 1 and 3.

    And please let us know if you crack the code so this doesn't just hang out there with no answer.

    On this Forum LINK seems to be the hope to solve these problems.

    MIDI clock is the oldest but IOS has multiple MIDI solutions (IAA, CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI) so MIDI doesn't always seem to solve your problems.

    IAA MIDI assumes there's a master slave I think and Cubasis has to send the right signals and iBassist has to be coded to act on them. I think iBassist is coded to be the Master so I'm not surprised it's giving away control of start/stop. The developer participates here but using his App support email is the best way to get the right attention.

  • I forgot to mention:

    AudioBus has start/stop features and almost everything supports AudioBus. Load all the Apps in AudioBus and try it's start/stop controls to see if that will work. I think IBassist did not but there might be settings to make it respond.

  • Thanks for the answer McDtracy, I will look after it and give an answer back.

  • Yeah it seems strange that iBassist doesn't work like all the drum apps, they all use IAA sync and start/stop with Cubasis transport.

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