Hooking two iPads together on the bus

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Hi guys, I just got on the bus and I'm having a hell of a ride! Amazing app, well done!

I was wondering if there is a way to use two iPads together through Audiobus. Can I create a line in somehow from one to the other where for example I'd be able to play Magellan on one, feed it to the other iPad where I could have NLog open, and separate the tracks onto MT daw? Total newbie here, I barely know what I'm doing with this stuff but I just got the second one, and now I'd like to be able to combine their forces. Any hardware suggestions? Could WIST make it happen somehow?




  • not just yet though from the sound of things, they're headed in that direction. Eventually.

    You can use audio interfaces on both to sort of do this now but everything on ipad one would be summed to 'mic input' in audiobus for ipad two.

  • Hi @CSwinn .. You can hook your ipad together using a 3.5mm cord and an audio interface, like a guitar plugin. On the second ipad use the microphone input. This will allow you to play on one iPad while recording on the other. :-))

    I made a video that shows a little of this. http://forum.audiob.us/discussion/77/using-input-apps-that-dont-support-audiobus-with-audiobus-on-2-devices#Item_15

  • if you find a minijack plug with 4 connectors, or a cable with such a plug (for example from a digital camera), you can make an in/out breakout cable for the iPad headphone socket. Mono input only, but it works. A more practical solution is of course to get an audio interface with two or more inputs. Like this, you can combine your two iPads, even sync the start signal and BPM value with WIST.

  • ups, others have already answered the question. :)

  • Yeah, I think the three of us all answered at the same time. lol

  • Thanks everyone! I watched your tutorial Ryan, I've got em both up and running now using an iRig, great idea!

    I've been lurking here the last couple of weeks, this app and its forum are great sources of information and inspiration.

  • No problem and Thanks! Come back and share some of your creations with us later, love to hear what you are doing :-))

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