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Using input apps that don't support Audiobus with Audiobus on 2 devices

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Today I was testing non Audiobus supported apps with Audiobus by using an iphone and ipad at the same time. Many of you may of figured this out already but if not I'll explain it a little and if there are questions maybe I'll make a video.

What you need:

2 devices: One that runs Audiobus. Second one can be anything really, even your PC/MAC but for the sake of this we'll say it's an iPhone, iPad, or iPod
1 3.5mm stereo cable: The microphone sized one.
1 microphone input device: There are a lot to chose from. Guitar plugins like ampkit link or iRig will work.
1 stereo to mono convertor: Many guitar FX petals will do this or you can buy a small converter from a electronics store. If you are using a guitar microphone input device, make sure it coverts 3.5mm to 1/4inch plug

How to Setup:

Here is a photo of my setup that should explain everything.
Alt text
I used garage band so more people would recognize it.


  • I should also mention that by doing the setup in reverse order you can experiment with outputs as well. Allowing you to record into garage band or what not. :-)

  • Nice. This is how I used iPhone/iPad before Audiobus to get say Sunrizer into Loopy without copy/paste nonsense.

    I use an Alesis io4 connected to my iPad and a Blue Digital Mikey on my iPhone. Synths and stuff are on the iPad with Loopy recording on the iPhone. I send a stereo signal out of the io4 to the iPhone. I monitor it all via loopy on the iPhone (setting->mic on). In the simplest setup (at a coffee shop or whatever) the io4 can be eliminated. Just go headphone out on iPad (or whatever) to Digital Mikey on device b via 3.5mm stereo cable. I used a peavey ampkit on on my iPhone for a while but the Digital Mikey has a stereo input. Much yummier.

    One trick I was happy to sort out is that you can use the MidiBridge app and a network session to control loopy on the iPhone via MIDI from the io4/cck. In my setup the Mikey takes up the iPhone dock so an interface isn't possible. With MidiBridge, I route whichever io4/cck connected MIDI device I want use to control Loopy to the network session. Set up Loopy on the iPhone to listen and all is good.

    With the arrival of Audiobus, I don't think I'll be using this setup quite as often. It has worked really well for me though. I usually have 12 tracks up on iPhone Loopy which can be a little fiddly for some of its more advanced touch shortcuts but I'm just being greedy by that point.

  • Hmmm that digital mikey plug sounds tasty for sure. I'll have to check that out. Midi bridge also. Thanks for that @syrupcore . If you are Audiobus hooked, you could always Audiobus to Audiobus ;-)

  • now that's just gluttonous @ryan!

    I'm very happy with the Digital Mikey. Stereo input really made a big difference in my ios->ios recording. Haven't actually tried the 1/4" interface yet come to think of it. The mic itself is good/fine. You're definitely leveling up big time from the onboard or earbud mic but you're not exactly getting a traditionally nice 'Blue Microphone' + stereo line input with automatic impedance switching for guitar + dock connector for that price! It's also not as secure in the dock as I'd like. But, you know, whatever. Works well and is cheap for how much you get.

  • haha nice. I wouldn't use the 1/4" unless you are using a guitar then. I sure as heck wouldn't be using if I had a stereo input.

  • This is more or less the kind of thing I did before Audiobus, and was planning to do away with it when all my favorite apps are Audiobus compatible. I've recorded a lot of guitar this way, using an iPhone app for amp/effects and an iPad app for the DAW.

  • edited December 2012

    Yeah me too. I figured a lot of people had already figured this out. It is very simple. I actually didn't think of using it with Audiobus till the 2nd day when my need to have Alchemy as an input drove me to remember. lol

  • edited December 2012

    Went ahead and made a tutorial video

  • Nice work, Ryan

  • Thanks guys! My pleasure. :-)

  • I'm not really up with my accessories. Which is the cheapest (but not rubbish) accessory to do this kinda thing with? I'd also want to pipe iPad audio into videos recorded on another device like Sebastian and others do with their tutorial videos, and hopefully in the future record audio from a guitar. Multi-use!

  • @Michael_R_Grant iRig is affordable. I don't recommend it for serious use but if you just want to mess around it's under $40. Otherwise there is a thread on guitar interfaces here, lots of good information

    As for the audio into video thing, not quite sure what you want to do but when I have done music for televison and movies, I record everything as i'm watching the video and then insert it with a video editing app afterwards.

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