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OT: Record Label Art


  • Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting, and a good break from music for me.

    I was reading the linked article on Proust (I admit, only vaguely familiar with the man). The part about the Madeline’s dipped in tea reminded me of the scene in Pixar’s Ratatouille, when the food critic taste the simple ratatouille and is sent on a memory voyage back to his childhood. I found that scene incredibly powerful. Now I see that the whole idea and concept was lifted from Proust. Very cool, indeed.

    The record label collection is sending me on little memory voyages. I remember many of these logos, but didn’t realize it until I saw them again. It is a very cool experience when the long forgotten bits of our past get dredged back up into our consciousness.

  • Couple that were missing:


  • "This sounds very gay"
    -Tony Soprano

    Seriously, this is a great feature. Thanks for sharing it.

  • No Pickwick?!
    Lewis Allan Reed would not be happy...

  • Nice little collection there. Part of my day job, designing logos, so I’ve got books full of examples on the shelves here.

  • Here are some of the great punk/alternative labels:

  • And then there is everyone’s favorite!

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    @CracklePot said:

    A bit of an obsession of mine back in the day. A classic (and totally forgotten) track:

  • And who could forget this? (everyone apparently, but they are so wrong!):

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