Brown Eyed Squirrel

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This is totally not a serious cover.. Just goofing around and thought i'd record it so you can all laugh at me/it!


I apologise for my language at the end, cover your kids ears. lol


  • Nuts but talented. Lol

  • Nutsy nuts even haha Thanks man :-)

  • Is that a doobie in the ashtray ?

  • After seeing the last 30 seconds of that video, you'd assume it was. lol It's a cigarette butt but I don't deny there might have been some THC involved in the making of this video. ;-)

  • haha. nutsy nuts.

    I have that same qwerty keyboard. Awfully nice for loopy control. :)

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    Oh really?? I just assumed it didn't work with anything except to replace the on screen keyboard. I've never used loopy on my iPad, only on iPhone for making stupid beatboxes while i have down time at work. I'll have to try that in a bit. :-)

    EDIT: Right on @syrupcore , that is pretty awesome indeed. Thanks man! More apps should have this feature. You know of any others that do?

  • I don't know of any others off the top of my head but there are a few others out there.

  • disappointingly I can't get mine to: it's an Apple bluetooth job?

  • @Ian mine is made by a company called Zagg. It does connect through bluetooth. Also, you do have to go into loopy's settings>general>key bindings to set it up.

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