No sound in Ampkit once connected with AudioBus 3

Hi All,
I just recently got Ampkit 2.2 and AudioBus 3.0.14. I'm on iOS 11.2.5. Ampkit by itself works great, but when I add it as an effect to Audiobus, then launch Ampkit from Audiobus, Ampkit meters on any given amp show nothing. When I select them, they show that AudioBus is the current input. I'm turned things on/off all over the place to no avail. Any help is appreciated.


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  • It is working for me in Audiobus. Did yours somehow get switched off? In Audiobus, if you look at the transport bar, the Ampkit buttons have one that says on/off, which is like a bypass. There is also a power button icon. Make sure this is blue, not gray. It acts like a mute.

  • Yes, both the on/off button is "on" and the power button is blue. Not sure what's happening.

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    Is your Audiobus input set to the correct input and channel for the audio device you are using to hook up your guitar? If yes, then maybe try using an app in the input slot, just to see if it is an Audiobus/Ampkit prob, or an audio device prob.

  • You got me, I'm slow. Thx, I didn't have the right input selected. I works just fine now that I do.

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