Surprisingly supremely satisfying app purchase of the year, verily!

I was going to leave this till later in the month, between Christmas and new year. But, I think it’d be to advantage to wedge it in about now instead.

One app. Don’t go listing a bunch of them, don’t even mention others that you forgot to mention, don’t mention others that you would have mentioned but didn’t because you can only mention one. Just one.

Which app did you obtain[1] this year that you, perhaps much to your surprise, or perhaps you were expecting it to, but not this much, find that you’re using it a lot more than expected, and is more useful, and overall just more enjoyable, than any other you’ve partaken of this year.

[1] it could be that you paid for the app. It could also be that the app didn’t cost anything, or didn’t cost much, but you bought an IAP to expand the functionality to the level you found useful. I’m including this qualification because my choice fits into this sort of thing.



  • For me, it is Beatonal. With the unlock IAP.
    I really like it. There’s a lot more in that mess of how not to lay out knobs than at first it seems there would or should be. I spend a lot of time in it.

  • Beatmaker 3. I find it clunky a lot of the time, but the sampler... it allows me to get the noises I hear in my head into a recording. Nothing else on iOS compares.

  • TON: Drum Machine. It's been easy for me to get songs going in this by importing samples and messing with them. Really didn't expect it to be so useful, but the limitations and corresponding workflow have helped greatly.

  • iOptigan. Bought on a whim but i play around with it a LOT. I just love the cheesiness. I didn't expect i would like it that much.

  • @u0421793 said:
    For me, it is Beatonal. With the unlock IAP.
    I really like it. There’s a lot more in that mess of how not to lay out knobs than at first it seems there would or should be. I spend a lot of time in it.

    This would be it for me too. Synth engine is very capable of nice sounds once you get to used to it and the somewhat wonky GUI. Also works great as a midi controller! But I am convinced very solid mixes can be achieved with just Beatonal. Been meaning to try layering it up with itself using loopy or something

  • Hard to choose one, but the first one that came to mind is Senode. Really fun way to craft super interesting sequences. I like to route sequences to AUv3s hosted in AUM, but the internal sounds are pretty good too, especially if you're just wanting to play around.

  • FAC Chorus. Better than I thought it would be, makes lots of things sound better...very satisfied with the purchase.

  • Beatmaker 3. It has pulled me from my MacBook for production completely and has caused me to be much more creative in my production. I can create anywhere without bringing any equipment. I can’t say enough great things about the app. Also discovered it right around the time my MacBook started breaking.

  • SynthScaper. days to understand the modulation and got totally engrossed in the process.

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    TriqTraq. I know it has been out for ages, but this thing is amazing, and I discovered it just this year. I love all the KRFT and Gadget and Groovebox pieces that are so easy to compose, but they all sound really EDMish. TriqTraq is weird and organic and a lot of fun.

    Also: Beatonal? Really. Huh.

  • My biggest surprise was DM1. Thought it was kind of old, plus I already have enough drum sounds and drum machines, but picked it up on sale for $0.99. This app blew me away with the huge quantity and high quality of its stock sound library. And the rest of the sounds only cost $3.99, but I have to hold off still since I spent so much during Black November.

    Another app that really surprised me was.... ;)

  • Beatmaker 3...
    Although there is so many many other apps that is killer...

  • Xynthesizr - plays well with AUM and ab3 so easy to use. I didn’t expect to be using it this much

  • BM3. OK, I knew (well hoped) I would love it, but never thought I would love an app this much already in the year 2017. If I am lucky I may have 30 years to go, so very happy about the potential of slab based music.

  • I bet you guys BM3 wins. :)

  • BM3, and Intua deserves all the praise.
    I’ve been one of their earliest supporters with BM1in 2008 when NOBODY made pro-looking music apps, when all the big shots in music production (yes you Steinberg, Akais, Korgs etc) thought That iOS thing was just a fad.
    Intua were the pioneers, and I am glad BM3 is now such a professional tool that allows you to create truly incredible stuff. Also, their customer support is pretty good too and that matters. So, yeah, did I say BM3? :)

  • Triggler. It looks like a toy because of the iPhone res and simple interface, but is a really solid app. I've been having hours and hours of fun with it.

  • GarageBand? I’ve always been into synths like IMS20 etc. With patch bays, but GB has really improved since I ifirst tried it. Lots of fun....

  • Beatmaker 3. never used samples before being a synth man.
    slice it up and get busy on them pads- loads of fun and experimentation assured for the future

  • Easy, Rozeta. I’m going to have years of fun with this, with the added benefit it’s given a new lease of life to a bunch of apps I had already, but had lost interest in.

  • FAC chorus. Lush!

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    @JohnnyGoodyear said:

    That’s where my vote goes too

  • iOptigan. It was the only app I bought all year.

  • Oh wow, I just downloaded Beatonal. Great app indeed!

  • @JohnnyGoodyear said:

    Imma need a little more than that. Unless you mean Neo Monsters, a role-playing game in which you "Capture & Evolve Over 1000 Animated Monsters!"

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