PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Can you change Audiobus presets via MIDI Program change?

Since midiflow for audiobus cant send program changes, does audiobus respond to midi program changes?


  • Not at this time but it's on the proverbial list.

  • Hey I just purchased this app hoping for a software that responds to PC changes. Has this been implemented? If not, please please make this app able to accept PC changes from a foot controller. The iPad is one of many instruments in my rig.

  • I’ve not gotten to this yet, no: there are some pretty tricky (well, time-consuming, anyway) parts to building this functionality in, and there’s simply not been time. It remains something I want to do, but it’s going to be a little while, I’m afraid.

  • Hey I've been real happy with Audiobus, really brings everything together well. I was just wondering if we can get an approximate ballpark time to expect this feature? This is the one feature I'm eagerly waiting for. Thanks

  • I've requested this feature in AUM and BM3 as well. Feels like an absolute must for live use.

  • oh wow, I just asked this same question on Facebook.
    So I am guessing you still can't do Program Changes with Presets in AudioBus?
    I actually bought AudioBus assuming I could get Program Changes to bad. :(
    Seems like an essential feature if you plan to use this in a live setting.
    Since I am new here I am hoping I am wrong.

  • Yes, essential for live use but we are not there yet...

  • Haven’t used this app in a looooooong time. Is this possible yet? I need this to use it.

  • @Verchrona said:
    Haven’t used this app in a looooooong time. Is this possible yet? I need this to use it.

    Oh, yes it is possible! Just need to purchase the IAP for MIDI control and you're good to go. Works like a charm!

  • This is now a huge feature in favor of Audiobus for live performance. Preset changes load extremely fast. And MIDI control works great.

    ... it took a few years from when we first asked for it, but we’ll worth the wait 😊

  • Ah wonderful news, now just gotta get the new Ipad Mini 5...

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