PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.


AUDIO BUSチームが日本語フォーラムを作ってくれました。




  • 失礼しました。

  • はじめまして!Audiobusは、リリース以前から注目をしていました。App自体の開発にも興味を持っています。よろしくお願いします。

  • @thinds @______Sucker appears to be a legitimate new member. He/she posted in the Japanese forum that was provided by the Audiobus team. Also, Google translate seems to indicate such:

    From Japanese sentences clumsy translation of Google me, and I feel the need , AUDIO BUS team has kindly made ​​a Japanese forum . It is good seems to write and TIPS and questions in Japanese .

    Everyone all means , please take advantage . By all means, please use the forum here and the Japanese .

    Was rude . It is a mistake of the English text of the clumsy Google Translate

    And IXSS responded: Nice to meet you ! Audiobus has been the attention from the previous release . I am also interested in the development of the App itself . Thank you

    Now, if you are flagging @stride, you have no argument with me. :-)

  • There was a post from Stride which has been deleted already by @Sebastian I would assume

  • How long till the plague returns I wonder?

  • It's not something I would usually do. It just best in this idiots case to report it to the mods and get it sorted asap imo.

  • @Tritonman2 said:

    How long till the plague returns I wonder?

    "That's MISTER The Plague." First post in months and that's what I write. Haha.

  • Talking about jumpy

  • @______Sucker said:

    He's just welcoming people to das japanischen forum :smile:
    I'll just answer his request with a Haiku.


  • the first cold shower
    even the monkey seems to want
    a little coat of straw

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