Could you please rate FugueMachine?

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I'm doing this for my friend Alex who makes Fugue Machine. He's too shy principled to ask for it so I'm doing it:

Could you please rate FugueMachine? After the Audiobus 3 update the reviews trickle in slowly and people can't see how many 5 star reviews it had before that update, which is yet another stupid limitation of the App Store.

So... if you own FugueMachine, please click this link and leave a review. Or buy it. It's awesome.




  • Damn. I always forget to do that. Thanks for the nudge @Sebastian!

  • Believe me I would if I could. But it's not on iphone.

  • @Sebastian said:
    shy principled


    / Thanks Sebastian :]

  • I thought I had, but will check. Brilliant app, easy 5 stars.

  • Can I leave more than 5 stars?

  • @Ivan_Dj said:
    Can I leave more than 5 stars?


  • @Sebastian said:

    Could you please rate FugueMachine?

    Done. When are you coming out to dinner with us?!

  • Consider it done Boss.....

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    Done! 5 stars

    But, its really one of the best Music Apps on iOS!
    Or , the best.

    Thanks Alex!

  • Done. Was having a wonderful time with fugue machine audiobus 3, midiLFOs and Pads AU last night.

  • @Sebastian said:

    @Ivan_Dj said:
    Can I leave more than 5 stars?


    Sure you can. I just gave it 50 stars!

  • Done! Thanks for this brillant thing

  • For the 6th star... is there a way to MIDI trigger pattern changes? (e.g. so one could build a simple song out of patterns?)

    Love the app but it does leave me wanting that little more (because the base of it is so useful, and a great sketchpad for new ideas and cool sequences)

  • Done..

    One of those apps you show someone to see the incredible things you can do on iOS when making music.

  • The forum of Class

  • really want to buy it, but only got an iPhone... sigh...

  • Happy to do so.

  • Gave Arpeggionome Pro * * * * * as well–!

  • This is a very clever app from a clever dev. Sadly, I get it as a gift and Apple don't let me review it.

    Apple suspects devs would start giving theirs apps for free to get five starts reviews.

  • ***** Done!

  • Hell yeh.

  • Five stars done!

  • Always 5 Stars.

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    Wow wow wow, the reviews are starting to come in… thanks so much everybody :blush: :blush:

    / It’s crazy how much of an impact they have — and not just in financial ways. Reading a positive review just feels so good! Each one is a reminder that musicians may actually be finding value in the tools I’m creating, and thus, reinforces my love for building them :]

    And I doubt I’m alone in this regard, so! If you’re in the reviewing mood, please consider reviewing the other apps you enjoy as well. It’s such a simple and effective way to support the developers, and in effect, strengthen our wonderful growing community.

    // This all makes me think how cool it would be if there was a monthly “review your favorite apps day” or something… Maybe there could be a curated list somewhere, of all the apps that were updated by month… that we could easily reference and link from… hmmm… that would be awesome :]

  • Alexandernaut:
    I just want to say, as a novice to this whole music making life, you have opened an imaginative door for me which has allowed me to experience tonal and sonic possibilities within music. So thank you for rekindling that child-like innocence in my soul which has allowed me to have the veritable beginners mind when it comes to making music.

    You have allowed me to find my Zen.

    Peace brother!

  • Reviewed from Canada

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