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You know that “retroactive” looper in Endlessss that is so cool? Well, Mssr. Bram did it first!

I just realized that the looper in Kosmonaut works basically like the looper in Endlesss.

In kos, the SOS knob,mid turned all the way to the right goes into looping. But it’s apparently ALWAYS recording.

So if you have tape length set to 8 beats, and you’re playing along, and then you hit a midi pedal or controller bound to loop length and it sends cc Val of 127, it slams to the right and the previous 8 beats will now loop.

That’s backward from most loopers. Most require press to initiate. This lets you just jam and THEN say “loop that”

And via midi controller, tape length can go over 8 beats... Hmmmm...


  • Nice one! The kosmonaut looper is one of my fav toys on iOS. Me and the missus love getting a good Swarplug tabla beat going and then singing into the Kosmonaut looper with about 3/4 on (so the loops do decay eventually) ... you can get some real crazy stuff going this way!

  • Wow great tip!

  • Heh :) Indeed, the tape is always running!

  • Thanks for the tip! 😉🐬🚀

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