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Vintage sounds: Chemical Ozone and Lament Strings - keyboard playing

Two old tracks, no sax playing but midi keyboard improvisation playing instead, with Roland PC180 49 keys midi keyboard (PC like personal computer, but no usb :-)):

« Chemical Ozone », from 2006 with some Reason sounds and fabulous Steinberg D’Cota sound full of overtones, via Roland soloing!! That pitch bend lever!!! :-) Made with Ableton Live can’t remember the version, perhaps 4.0 :-)

« Lament Strings », darker keyboard improvisation with nice Akai Miroslav Vitous Akai CD (Max~600 Mo) samples in Halion 1.1, hosted in Cubasis VST 5.1. I think this one is even older, perhaps 2004. I really liked those woody strings!!

(Both converted from... MP3 Pro files, in AudioShare (AAC 320) then uploaded to Soundcloud. Some quality is lost in the process, sadly).


  • "Chemical Ozone" gave me an Andreas Vollenweider flashback moment.

    "Lament Strings" gave me a Gustav Holst "The Planets" feeling.
    Probably something in the chord progression and subtle orchestration you created. John Williams channels Holst in his film scores along with Elgar, Britten, Copland, Bernstein, ... (names deleted in the interest of brevity) and Saint-Saens. It's not stealing it's more of a tribute to great orchestral techniques.

  • Ozone perfect for a Sax lead. I think more of Jarre than Holst with your Lament. Love the tempo... that's why sweeping images of desert appear.

  • edited February 2019

    Sorry for very late reply, thanks to both of you, glad you liked those tracks. BTW I don’t touch again things of the past, I can’t see myself adding a sax part other that :)

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