The Mystics March / MIDI Orchestration part 2

Another totally midi orchestrated improvisation. I really like this one and found nothing missing in the parts I mixed in using the midi track. Two tracks of piano again. RC275 and Module AmD. Had fun making a mangled iSymphonic Brass track with FAC Chorus. Added iSymphonic Classic Orchestra1 and BeatHawk pizz double bass again. Cubasis feels better and better. ISymph crashes regularly on me, but the Pro2 sets up again really fast. Still... I don’t think I am the only one. What is wrong with it? The patches are super.

My workflow has improved, saving project regularly and no longer fear that things will be lost due to a misstep. How to become an veteran? Practice, my boy, practice!


  • RE: iSymphonic.

    "What is wrong with it?" It's too good in one sense. The samples are too big to be stable in a DAW. Colossus Piano is even worse. But they sound heavenly.

    It uses very large samples and consumes a lot of RAM I think. When a DAW detects an AU has requested more than 340MB the spec says stop and unload the AUv3 app. Technically it's not a crash in the sense that a crash implies programming logic errors. This is a feature designed to protect the listener from hear ugly crackling noises in the music.

    I suspect that using iSymphonic in it's IAA (Inter-App Audio) form might prove to be more stable since IAA's don't have the RAM limits imposed to protect the listener. It's work trying on your next project and seeing if it helps.

    You can also run them in AudioBus and connect the output in AB to Cubasis and it might go the extra mile. You can try the AU and IAA forms.

  • When you made this piece we're you seeing Mystics Marching in Turkey or just really, really high? It has a funeral march vibe. Why are the Mystics Marching anyway in the age of Uber?

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