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Are there any apps (with ready made templates) for controlling synths on a Mac?

I've got a load of of soft synths on my Mac and would love to be able to play them on my iPad (i.e. twist knobs, slide sliders etc. using a touchscreen rather than a mouse).

Are there any apps available that can do this?
I read that Lemur lets you control Logic, but what about controlling AUs within Logic?

I don't have the patience to write any template myself, so if this is possible with Lemur or similar, do templates already exist for many of the popular AUs?


  • Logic Remote can control Logic, GarageBand, and MainStage on macOS.

    There are templates for Lemur on their site to control synths on macOS from an iPad so you might want to search through those.

  • I tried using logic remote but it just seems a controller for mixing etc. I could see any way to launch a plugin for example. Do I need to RTFM?

  • @mungbeans said:
    I tried using logic remote but it just seems a controller for mixing etc. I could see any way to launch a plugin for example. Do I need to RTFM?

    That shoujld say "I couldn't see any way to launch a plugin. Let alone control one

  • Set up smart controls in Logic and use them with remote app.

  • Different MIDI controllers offer different things, and while you may be hard pressed to find ones with specific templates, it is easy enough just to use controllers that you don’t have to build from scratch and use any CC conttols for knobs, etc.

    A good example is the X/Y pad controls in ChordPolyPad, where you can not only use the pads for notes but also as an X/Y controller.

    There’s also StepPolyArp from the same developer, where you can assign CC messages to the sequence for variation of expression.

    Not all MIDI controllers offer CC control, but it’s generally much easier to look for ones that do than trying to build your own controller.

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    Would MIDI Designer Pro 2 be similar to what you are looking for?

  • As far as I know only Lemur and TouchOSC have custom templates for some certain desktop plugins and DAWs as well including Logic.. If all you wanna do is get down on twisting some knobs and such there’s also LPTouch for Logic Pro - I don’t own it so I can’t speak on the functionality of it but it got pretty good reviews. Apparently it doesn’t come with any control surfaces, not even a keyboard, according to the pics in the AppStore but lots of knobs... I prefer Ableton Live personally and I’m curious if anyone knows - what the hell happened to Conductr? It was there in the U.S. AppStore one minute and gone the next. Guess it’s only available in the U.K ? It looked like it had lots of potential.. Oh well doesn’t matter to me now cuz in my opinion I think Touchable Pro absolutely kills it! It has the easiest setup from iPad to Mac I think I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been having just way too much fun playing all my desktop synths and controlling Live from my iPad.

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    @jenkweb said:
    Set up smart controls in Logic and use them with remote app.

    I agree that Logic Remote using Smart Controls is the most straightforward solution.

    For controlling every effect and instrument inside LPX, you'd either have to put a lot of work into an environment that supports individual plugin control and parameter feedback, or just use a remote display for controlling the Mac remotely and zoom in to edit the plugin UI.
    I have tried a lot of options and came to the conclusion that although the idea sounds nice, in practice you hardly save any time compared to mouse or touchpad operation.

    Someone would have to build something like this for Logic:

    Maybe this is sufficient for your needs though:

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