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Launch Control XL vs Nanokontrol Studio. Which one you would suggest?

edited December 2018 in Market Place

I am looking for a AUM midi controller (with rotary knowbs and sliders) and I am between those two.
(Other than Bluetooth) are there any differences or pros/cons I should take into account? Anyone ever used both?


  • I highly recommend the Launch Control XL. I just got one last week and started making a track in AUM. Mapping all the transport controls and AU parameters to Launch Control XL has really expanded the possibilities for live control over different apps. To me it is a better deal than the Nanokontrol Studio as they’re about the same price. 24 knobs vs 8 knobs. The build quality is superior.

  • I love the LCXL. I have (3) of them. Highly recommended.

  • I have both. Nanocontrol is great for mobile, love the bluetooth. But LCXL stays on my desk. Better build, more control. So it's kind of up to your usage. I love both.

  • So, you want rotary knobs. Do you mean the kind that are fixed or spin endlessly? I only have both the Launchcontrol and XL not the Nanocontrol. The Novation ones are both the fixed potentiometer type. They are built really well for the money. Most of the XL knobs have a slight physical click in the center position if that might bother you. I don’t notice it that much and usually don’t use things snapped to center.

    Also know the XL can be powered by iPad alone, but if you need more using a hub it has to be a powered hub.
    The regular Launchcontrol works with an unpowered hub and other lower power devices.

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