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How much is a bank of Zeeon presets worth?

I made several banks of presets quite a while back for Sunrizer and Magellan and made them available for free, as it was fun and I was doing ok for money. I’m now creating a bank of presets for Zeeon, but my financial position isn’t great nowadays, so I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to sell the end result. With many of these sounds my aim has been to make them either respond expressively to nuances in playing on the keys, or to vary between notes to add interest to what’s played. Here’s a rough audio demo of 25 presets I’ve made so far, I’m planning to do 50 by the time I’m finished. My question to you guys is what sort of price would be reasonable for a bank of this nature?

Thanks for your consideration.


  • A niche of niche question, hard to decide...

    I bought all IAP of Animoog and iM1, but this was partly because of my completeness disease....
    And that was "official" stuff.

    I fear you can only sell this to people who like lots of your presets, for some Euro at most.
    Say 1 to 4?

    Anyway, that will not provide you with lots of money, I think.

  • I accept that. I’m not expecting to make a fortune. :)

  • Excellent work!

  • Some very nice ones in there! I agree that if you are selling them, something like £2.99 is probably the maximum.

  • Wow, just had a chance to listen, nice work, and definitely a theme going through it.

    Would it be worth it trying to get these as an IAP in the app itself? Those seemed to do well on here at $2.99.

  • My suggestion would be to make small genre specific sets of 10/20 presets per pack and aim for a buck a pack.

  • @TheOriginalPaulB Hey Paul, hope you are well.

    £2.99 is a good price point, and I’ll promote the pack for you with a video too, that might help a bit😎

  • Thanks everyone, I’ve sent an email to BeepStreet to see if we can do a similar sort of deal as Oliver Imseng, with the bank being available in the Zeeon shop. Oliver’s bank is priced at £2.99, which seems fair.

    Doug, that would be great. I’ll let you know when I have 50 patches done. 🙂

  • Yep, tiz me, although another guy has inherited that user name.

  • Not me. I tried for it too, when I registered.

  • Hey @TheOriginalPaulB Long time!

    If the Zeeon IAP thing doesn't pan out then maybe worth taking a look at the Synthpatcher site?

    I've never sold anything there so I'm not sure how getting paid works, but I have subscribed on and off over the past few years to get patch banks for various iOS synths.

  • Thanks @SpookyZoo I did once look at synthpatcher, but didn’t fancy subscribing to sell such a niche product that I only rarely produce.

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