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Ipad with IAA-instruments and external keyboard - what am I missing?


Both on cubasis and Aurio Pro it seems like the routing with IAA-Midi instruments is messed up. Whenever I add an IAA-Instrument on a Midi-Track it then plays the instrument, no matter what track I have selected in cubasis or if the track is record-enabled in Auria Pro.


  • create new project in cubasis, add midi track, add iWavestation as IAA
  • add a second midi track, play any instrument, the iWavestation still comes through, no matter what. Back on the iWavestation-track it seems to play the sound twice (!)
  • add a third midi track, iGrand as IAA -> now I'm playing iWavestation and iGrand on every channel, no matter what
  • the only exception: when adding iSymphonic as IAA it asks me if I want IAA-Midi only or IAA- and CoreMidi. When choosing IAA-Midi only it works! Midi only comes through when I'm on that track. But I dont have this option with all the other apps.

The same happens in AuriaPro. All IAA-instruments play, no matter what track I'm on or if its record-enabled.

It seems as if the sounds are coming from the apps directly as well, adding to whats coming out from cubasis or Auria Pro .. is that really expected when playing with an external keyboard?

I know AU is more and more coming, but for now I would like to use IGrand, SampleTank, Wavestation in cubasis etc. ..just to name a few.. I'm on Ipad Air 2, 11.4, Cubasis 2.5 and latest Auria Pro

what should I do?

Thanks for any help


  • Until Korg fixes the midi-implementaiton in iWavestation it's a no-go.
    iWavestation always listen to 'hardware' first, it doesn't care if it's connected using IAA.
    (Solution here would be for Korg to add a 'check' that if iWavestation is connected via IAA to ignore input from CoreMidi inputs and only listen to midi coming from the host the app is connected to).

    I seldom use hardware controllers so for me the 'problem' is not that bad.

  • edited August 2018

    ah I see .. so that means this is expected??

    How can you use something like iWavestation or SampleTank in a sequencer with an external keyboard/controller then?

  • edited August 2018

    another thought:
    what about a combination iRig Keys + Cubasis + SampleTank (through IAA instrument)? SampleTank would also always listen to external hardware keys as well? (at least it does with my Kurzweil keyboard) ... but isn't that combo with cubasis advertised?

    I'm confused ..

  • To use the iWavestation (or other ilk-behaved iaa app), freeze the track after recording its MIDI then turn off background audio in its preferences or "eject it" free memory.

  • would an app like MidiFlow solve my double-connections? (using an external keyboard and IAA-connected instruments)

  • The problem is that the Korg apps listen to the hardware plugged into your iPad.

    Just freeze the track once you have recorded your track and turn off background operation for the synth and you will be fine.

  • @borisb2 said:
    would an app like MidiFlow solve my double-connections? (using an external keyboard and IAA-connected instruments)

    Unfortunately there’s no way to intercept it. I’ve tried. Kong’s midi implementation is moronic. If it’s running, it listens to the hardware no matter what you do.

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