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Guitar fx

Since I’m using nembrini heads for my guitar tone I’m also looking for some guitar effects overdrives, boosts, flangers, ect are there any good apps for this


  • Start with the free but very good BYOD

  • If I recall, you already bought the THU effects bundle. It contains a lot of great effects. You can use them even if you are using Nembrini sims.

  • @espiegel123 said:
    Start with the free but very good BYOD

    It’s the only overdrive you need IMO, much better than any of the others.

  • Eventide has good chorus and crush effects. Bleass are my go tos for flanging and phasing.
    You can get some interesting FX using bitMaestro - it’s bit crusher with built in modulation and more bit crushing control than any other app I’ve seen.

    BYOD for sure

  • I’d recommend not spending any more money till you have explored the THU effects you already purchased. There is a lot there.

  • I very often just use all the Nembrini FX, which I've either gotten for free or at deep discounts during their sales. They're generally bread-n-butter "good enough" FX.

    I particularly like the Clon Minotaur, which is free. Their also free 808 Overdrive is so-so. The $3.99 Analog Rack Screamer is better. I regularly reach for their Analog Rack Reverb, not so much because it's the best reverb there is, but because it's handy and gets the job done without distraction.

    I'm not a good one to comment on other FX since I don't make a lot of use of them. But just reaching for the Nembrini apps when I'm playing and think something like "this could maybe use a bit of chorus", avoids distraction and obsessive tone hunting.

    My suggestion is to go to their app page and grab all the free stuff. Sign up for their email news letter, and wait for a sale. Picking up FX for less than $2 each is kind of a no brainer unless you're super-serious about getting the very best FX.

  • Lots of options but as @espiegel123 said, dig into Thu. Also try the free fx from ChowDSP, Neon Silicon, Blamsoft all their stuff is free. Nembrini also has a few free fx like the 808, and the Black

  • As for reaching for another multi-purpose app such as TH-U or Tonestack Pro for FX when using nembrini amps - I personally don't do it.

    No real reason other than for me that means probably two instances, one before and one after the Nembrini app, and less fluid flexibility for moving things around. It just doesn't gel as well with my ingrained sense of a pedal board and stomp boxes style approach to my FX chain.

    It's kind of dumb when I think about it, but that's just my personal preference.

  • edited September 2022

    I agree, Wim. It's like pulling out the whole toolbox when a crescent wrench in the junk drawer — well, it may not be the best, but it's definitely easier.

    I will say, the DDMF DimD chorus I find myself adding to every guitar track I make now. Although I definitely listened to a lot of shoegaze in the day, so....

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