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Glacier of Sorrows

Bleass Monolit, Yonac KASPAR


  • You’re off road. I like that. Always like sonic surprises.

  • Hi myapologies,
    Very interesting sounds.
    It feels like I am exploring a new environment, and something exciting around the corner is awaiting.
    This is good music for an electronic game.
    High quality recording!
    Thank you!

  • Lovely washes and walls of sound. It’s nicely paced and spaced out for those unexpected and varied punctuations to ring out. It’s an immersive and mysterious journey. Very beautiful! I enjoyed it a lot. Puts me in the mood for some Sigur Ros 👍

  • I misread the title as Glacier of Sparrows and thought ’what a great title!’… Sorrows in nearly as good 😊 Either way it’s a lovely track that I really enjoyed. Great brassy sort of sounds punching out of the mix.

  • @Spidericemidas, thank you! Hope to keep learning how to do it better. Nice Primer Synth patches btw. I revisited that one yesterday. Helped get me started. I believe those are the first of yours I encountered when I first snagged it and started trying to make music last year. Also your Gadget productions I heard are outstanding

    @GeoTony, thank you very much. Yes, that would have been more original. Maybe it should be called something less pretentious like “amateur hour”. Had lots of fun experimenting. Thank you for such nice feedback esp because I am still trying to figure out what I am doing

    @ReneAsologuitar, thanks for listening/helping me in the process of trying to figure it out

    @LinearLineman, thank you again. Your previous feedback was instrumental in helping me take a different approach

  • Love the band name, love the title, love the track! Nice slooooow evolutions, and good to see Kaspar getting some tlc too.

  • That was very cool; really set the mood.

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