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midi sync...again...

edited September 2015 in Support and Feedback


This is so annoying...I can't have my external devices well syncing with an Ipad 4...
There's always a latency, it's very little, but that makes the Ipad impossible to use.
Between apps, it seems quite ok, or if the Ipad is the master clock.

I'm wondering if something into Audiobus could fix this better ?
I saw in Genome a way to compensate in/out latency, but of course, it doesn't work as I wish...

As every apps are running thru Audiobus, maybe a new functionnality to compensate the in/out clocks to other app should be doable ?
Spectacular sync engine integrate in AB with "something" added to better integrate external synths ???

See this video I just made to explain better this issue...

Am I crazy ? :)


  • @crony said:

    This is so annoying...

    I feel your pain. To add some fuel to your hi-tech misery, look at what can be done with 50 year old technology.

  • Asnor, I love this system !!!! But I may hear a latency around 1:24 ;)

    In fact, this is what I was thinking as addon with Audiobus...But it can't be this all the time, but something to compensate the latency from the buffer of the Ipad, then something to count bpm to help adjusting this latency could be great !!!

  • i assume you're using an ipad app as master clock? i don't have experience with hardware sync but not all clocks on ipad apps are of uniform quality apparently. loopy is my go-to for master clock on ipad.

  • No, the Ipad is slaved to Arturia Beat Step pro, wich has a master clock.
    I'll try to make loopy as master clock again, to see if it's better now with the latest version...

  • @crony said:

    I'm quite tempted to get the Beatstep pro.
    Which interface are you connecting the Beatstep to the iPad?

  • Iconnect Audio 4, wich works great :)

  • I've got the ica4 as well, love it apart from an issue I have currently with restoring saved presets, although support tells me they are working on making them more stable.... :)

    strange there's that much latency. ..have you tried different latency/ buffer settings for the ica4?

    I wonder if this happens with newer iPads and the BSP too?

  • How can I change buffer into ICA4 ???
    I use Audiobus to manage the latency, but I need to use also Mimix, and that add some latency as well...
    I can't go under 256 ms with an Ipad 4...I don't now with Air 2, and actually I'm waiting for the new Ipad to "solve" this...

  • Well, it seems alright :
    Audibus running, but no Mimix, and you can't add any app... (even Patterning using the spectacular engine...)
    Genome is unsynchronizable.
    Please Michael save us with your next chef d'oeuvre...And also Apple with an Ipad Air 3... (but maybe Air 2 is fine, as there's 2 Gb of ram in it and a faster CPU...)

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