Another question about current supported synths...

I haven't got any of the currently supported synths yet. Do any of them allow for the import of samples (the way Nanostudio's Eden synth does), or is it all synth generated tones?

I love using synths to manipulate live instrument samples!!

Thanks, community.


  • Just to clarify; neither SoundPrism, NLog nor Sunrizer allow import of user-furnished samples?

    Thanks again.
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    No, neither of these apps do. Sir Sampleton is the closest thing with Audiobus support to what do you want right now, but it's not able to import files, just sample from the Mic or Audiobus.
    Which you could kind of use by recording a sample, importing it into loopy for example, and recording that with sir sampleton. But that'S a bit... complicated.
  • ThumbJam allows sampling via the mic as well, so when that is approved by Apple it is another option.
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    Thanks.Yeah, ThumbJam will be the go-to app, once it's updated.
  • Your best hope is to wait for BeatMaker2. But the glitch app takes samples.
  • ThumbJam with Audiobus support is live now.
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