PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

"Yaakov's Dream" Ambient Orchestral track.

edited March 2015 in Creations

This Ambient Orchestration was recorded and mixed in Auria. Apps used are AUDANIKA's Electro, Module, Ifretless Brass, Guitar Capo+ ilectric, Mobile Convolution reverb, Psp's Oldtimer, Fabfilter's timeless, Pro-Q, Pro-MB, Saturn, and last but not least BEBOT! why Bebot? Because he's dressed for the occasion and he sounds great.

Best heard with Headphones or monitors.

Any comments welcomed and thanks for listening.


  • This is an unmastered wide version. The sparation seems better on the mix.

  • Both versions are really nice. I like the big pad swell at about a minute in. Guitar Capo sounds really nice to. Are you playing on the app or is that sequenced?

  • Thanks for listening and for the comments BvsMV

    It is on the strumming cycle within Guitar Capo + and the cords and strum direction were played. Truely is a great app and very useful as a controller and a sound source.

  • Nice guitar sound from Capo+ must look into that more as I have not really used it. :)

    I think I prefer the unmastered version, it seems softer somehow and fits the mood better. Great track!

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