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Echo Pad 1.4.2 update with new UI and new Motion Looper.

The 1.4.2 update is now live, this update features a new UI and Motion Looper for effects automation.


Thanks to @commonstookie for his suggestion in this thread (near the top), it got me thinking and ended up resulting in the addition of a button to trigger motion loops from the Audiobus sidepanel.


  • Gets better and better each update! Thanks and great job!

  • I appreciate it, thanks!

  • Looks cool...will get that fired up for some play later on! :)

  • Another great update. This app is coming on in leaps and bounds all the time. :)

  • Thank you both!

  • Thanks for the mention...
    Works well from the side panel too.
    Save and load slots are handy
    Am liking new layout and tutorials also.
    Great update,
    Hope its received well.

  • Also, @HoldernessMedia, thanks for taking the time to film those tutorials. It would be handy if every music app had these, as often features are hidden behind menus and not properly explained. Many apps don't even have a proper manual!

  • edited April 2013

    Thanks guys. I made sure to have the online manual updated along with the new tutorials for this update before release since it was a pretty big update and there would be opportunity for confusion otherwise. So far its worked out well, people are watching the tutorials and I've had several users contact me to let me know they were confused with Echo Pad before but the tutorials got them sorted out quickly.

    For anyone interested I posted about the rig and methods I used to make the recent tutorials here.

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