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Video Interview with app developer Johan Sundhage @ Klevgr [with subtitles]

! Swedish language - turn on subtitles!

I have put over 50 hours into making this video and finally for the first
time ever, I am able to present you with a video interview.

Get ready to take part of a twenty minute long tech-talk-packed
very interesting visual interview with Swedish developer Johan Sundhage
from Klevgr (Klevgränd produktion).

Now, we are speaking Swedish so do not forget to turn on the subtitles.
If you have any problems with to small font size on your iOS devices then
please, check out the tutorial I made on how to customize your subtitle & captions
in iOS (haQ attaQ 44 – iOS subtitle settings – Tutorial).

thesoundtestroom #haqattaq #klevgr


  • Good work Jakob. Johan comes across as a nice guy and makes me wanna support Klevgränd by adding to my copies of Vandelay and R0Verb...think a purchase of Squashit is on the cards. Would be nice to have them all in a 'Bundle' though.


  • @SpookyZoo Thank you! :)

    Johan is a nice guy and he gave some really good answers to my questions.

    It definitely made me want to make more of these kinds of video interviews.

    Hopefully they'll make a bundle soon! :)

    If you have twitter then tweet him at (at)sundhage

  • Thanks. Squashit secured and Tweet twitted. ;)

  • Great interview, thanks for the subtitles

  • edited February 2015

    Good stuff Jakob. Hard work is good learning as my old nanny would always insist.... :)

  • Great dev. Love what you're doing Jakob!

  • I'm happy that all of you are enjoying the Interview! :)

    There will be more of these. I am in talks with several candidates!

  • @jakoB_haQ thank you for this +++

    PS- good people.. at 17:30 Johan predicts AudioUnits for iOS.

  • @Proppa said:
    jakoB_haQ thank you for this +++

    PS- good people.. at 17:30 Johan predicts AudioUnits for iOS.

    Haha yes he does! :)

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