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Audiocopy - file/folder import & sortation

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i know this is a long shot and i cant find the answer anywhere else so here goes....

Does anyone know how to sort audio files & their folders that have been imported into the Audiocopy app into some kind of order ie: Alphabetically?

I am toying with the idea of importing my entire sample library into Audiocopy purely because it has great editing options and because it can preview and import samples into other apps such as Gadget/Beathawk/Auria without leaving them.

It will be a major flaw if i cant even sort my samples & folders alphabetically!!


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    You can sort by file name, date or size. The default is by name, alphabetically. Look at the top of the files list - it says something like, "SORTED BY NAME". Tapping on this header will change the sort order (cycling through NAME, DATE and SIZE).

  • @Washboy I know Audioshare now does the name/date/size, audiocopy as well eh?

  • Oh poo! [blushes] I'll pay better attention in future. Sorry for the bum steer. BTW, I binned the AudioCopy app - more trouble than it's worth, IMO.

    Thanks for the heads-up, @JohnnyGoodyear :)

  • AudioCopy has it's share of flaws like...

    • Not being able to delete empty folders, iFunBox is needed...
      (Every single app you AudioCopy from gets it's own folder and the audio is stored there).

    • Mandatory 'save to archive' when using AudioCopy.
      (Frustrating when all I wan't to do is transfer a sound from one app to another not save it, only solution today is to remove

    • No 'format conversion' it seems to default to 16-Bit 44.1Khz Stereo.

    • No 'Monitoring'(Only graphical meters) when recording sounds.

    On the plus-side AudioCopy (has for now) broader app support and better sample editor, for all other things it's AudioShare all the way...

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    @Washboy lol!

    Yeah I hear you @Samu I had Audiocopy deleted and currently use Audioshare as my main sample hub..

    ..there's just something alluring about having the option to access the app folders inside another app and previewing the files coupled with the extra editing functionality....

    ...just as I imported in the first few folders I noticed that none of them were in any kind of order or the files (possibly in the order they were copied over)....which makes it harder to find stuff...odd...if I can organise them then it's problem solved....

    I just wondered if anyone had managed to sort AudioCopy?

  • @DaveMagoo a little off topic, but there's something alluring about the word alluring...just saying it (slowly) sets the remnants of my teenage heart beating. Sorry, do carry on.

  • AudioCopy 2 just puts the files in the folder for the app they were created with in the order they were put in with the most recent at the top. I do wish more apps would support Audioshare open in functionality. I do find myself in some apps copying the sample from AudioShare to AudioCopy simply because I don't want to hassle with sample naming issues. From time to time I'll then purge AudioCopy files.

  • I think if Audioshare gave the ability to access its folders and files from within other apps (such as Auria/Gadget) as part of the SDK, it could significantly enhance the user experience and reduce the ammount of steps needed to perform one action (ie: import/copy a sample)...

    ...i can dream i suppose...

  • edited January 2015

    ...currently only Dropbox & Audiocopy do this well...(that i know of!)

    ..where you can open the folders, preview the files and then select and import your sound without leaving an app such a Gadget or Auria..

  • Caustic is one of the apps with near perfect AudioShare support, browse, preview etc. works flawlessly.
    I think it's using the regular AudioShare SDK...

    I know the iOS8 Fileprovider/Filepicker Extensions do not yet support previewing files, but at least it's a start...
    It's up to the developers to support standard iOS8 features of which the Fileprovider/Filpicker Extensions are part of, Those apps that do support iOS8 Filepicker can easily access files stored in AudioShare.

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    How do you access this feature in Caustic?

    Edit: I can see the option to import into the vocoder and the beatbox but not the PCM synth?

  • @DaveMagoo said:
    How do you access this feature in Caustic?

    Edit: I can see the option to import into the vocoder and the beatbox but not the PCM synth?

    In Caustic's PCM Synth just tap'n'hold on the Sample-Button until the file-dialogue opens, then press the import button to access options for audiocopy and audio share, good luck :)

  • Ahhhhh.......that's how you do it!

    Thanks Samu :)

  • I can PRE-LISTEN and access files from my PC (where I have +60GB of samples) via Wi-Fi.

    Then I can copy/import files to iPad and open them in apps (that support it), but usually I put them in AudioShare for further processing...

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