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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Yellofier - I wish this was on the bus!



  • Borderlands is a strange one. The dev had the Audiobus SDK back in December (he tweeted about it - his last tweet IIRC) but nothing has yet come of it. Given that the app is such a closed shop at the moment, with the only way to import samples being the hated iTunes sharing, it's frustrating that it isn't on the Bus yet.

    Audiobus would transform this app. Truly transform it. And probably make the dev a lot of money, as the experience after samples are in there is stunning.

    Sorry, went a bit off-topic there! Can you have a different set of your own samples for each track in Yellofier, or are you restricted to one set at the moment (plus the default samples)?

  • Me and Joanne have decided to take our acoustic guitar and bongos and go and live in the hills.

  • Back from the WiFi

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    Borderlands would be such a killer app if it was easier to import and it would be even better on the bus. It's so cool and really a shame that its kind of wasted awesomeness at the moment

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    Hi everyone!

    No, sorry but the built-in yello sounds can not be changed. You can't modify files inside an app, it breaks the hash checksum and the app won't start.

    Yellofier has 4 banks of built-in sounds, and 1 custom bank. The custom bank is saved with your song. If you want to reuse a custom bank for several songs, just load the original song and then tap "new song": the patterns will be cleared but the custom soundbank is kept, so you can start making a new song with it.

    A future update might allow more than one custom soundbank, but no promises :)

    And as already stated, you can import samples into Yellofier instead of recording from the microphone, by using "Open in" from any another app, like AudioShare or Mail, etc.

  • I just got around to trying this app, and I'm really impressed with its ease of use. It's very simple, and importing/exporting sounds with AudioShare is quick, as is the slicing. The randomize feature is quite good, too. I can definitely see myself using this to create backing loops for my tracks.

    And it's universal! A nice surprise when many iOS music apps are being released as iPad only.

    All in all, another great app from Jonatan. As it's free, there's no reason to not give it a try. 5 stars.

  • For a free App this has a lot going for it. I found the interface quite interesting as it stops you thinking in the normal way, particularly about effects, and gets you to listen and react to the results.

    My biggest problem at first was realizing that I had to sample more than one thing at a time to get results that could be chopped to provide multiple sounds. That required a little preparation! Conceptually this approach seems a little strange as it sits better with pasting in prepared loops than it does with random sampling, which is where the App appears to be aimed. Still, it's a lot of fun :)

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  • @j_liljedahl: I just noticed Yellofier isn't optimized for 4" displays. Is that planned for a future update?

  • @simon, no I had the opposite problem. I initially assumed it was a bit like Werkbench, so I sampled something in the kitchen, as you do.... I then went to sample my next sound and was surprised that it overwrote my first one! Took a while to realize I had to record several different hits in one pass if I wanted multiple sounds in a track.

    The alternative is to import a loop with different sounds, such as a drum loop. This just seems to go a little against the music from found sounds vibe of the App.

    Still all in no complaints as its free and with Audioshare its potentially useful :)

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  • @haunted: no such plans yet, but it might come in the future, of course.

    Regarding how the sampling works, this was the idea by Boris Blank and Håkan Lidbo, that you record a single sample that is then chopped up into slices to be sequenced and processed. It's a bit different than the usual one-separate-sample-at-a-time. I agree that sometimes you might want to replace just one of the slices, but sometimes limitations leads to inspiration and creativity :)

  • "but sometimes limitations leads to inspiration and creativity :)"

    I think that's absolutely true in this case. It may be left-field but it does make you think a little differently and that's to be commended..... good job with the App!

  • Yes about limits. There are also a lot of 16 step sample-at-a-time apps. Last night I had a go strumming acoustic guitar into the iPhone mic and got some crazy chord rhythms and arrangements.

    I did want a kick and snare later though!

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  • @Simon: Yes, it's the same time limit as when recording, which is 15 seconds.
    We're currently discussing the next update, and Audiobus will probably be on it! (No promises)

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  • Can't wait to see what the update brings. I'm finding this app very useful.

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    Yellofier is now on the bus!

  • Wish granted! ;)

  • the best slicer app for iOS ever maked :-)

  • One thing with this: when Yellowfier is in the output slot, there's no record button on the Audiobus side panel when you want to record into it using another app. This means you have to start recording and then switch over to the other app, which obviously messes up the timing.

    Yellowfier is usually clever enough to place its first marker where the sound actually starts, but the lack of record seems like an obvious omission to me.

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    @Michael_R_Grant: That's a great suggestion, and I'll add it to my list of features to suggest when they ask me to do their next update.

    Note however that since the markers are manually adjustable, it won't really mess up the timing. Just place the markers where you want your slices to be.

  • @j_liljedahl thank you so much for showing mr Blank the directions to the bus :-)

  • can I use Yellofier as Workbench in the ipad, I want to use the sounds of my apps?

  • Way. Too. Coooool.....

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    Actually, you can use the loop-one-bar feature to start playing from anywhere:

    • First put it in stop mode
    • Enter the bar where you want to play
    • Tap and hold play, it will start looping this bar
    • Now tap and hold play again, it will stop looping and continue with the next bar, etc..
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