Allow FX Section to be LAST in the chain - so Loopy and similar apps could sit in the middle

crossed over from Loopy forum -

"One interesting way to get a LOT of FX for Loopy would be to allow it to sit in the MIDDLE position of Audiobus, with the FX section afterward?"

either that, or add an optional 4th rank for post-mix effects

Because sometimes it's fun to add effects that aren't "baked in" to the loops? ( As with Kaoss Pad )


  • Once you have recorded your loops with the convention order, you could then switch Loopy to the Input slot with just speakers as the output, and apply whatever FX you wanted in the middle slot.

  • This is true, but precludes adding more loops while FX are still active. It could be a rather major addition, or simple? I don't know how it's coded...

    I often run a iPad -> Kaoss Pad anyway, as in my videos.

  • Actually, you can just have Loopy in the input and output at the same time to accomplish this I think (although currently there's a bug that prevents you from doing this, but Michael's working on a fix).

  • I can load an individual loopy track in the Audiobus input slot, thru effects and record it back into another Loopy track in Audiobus output. This works great for me, I'm not sure what problems people are having, maybe when you try to put the loopy master thru Audiobus input and output at the same time?

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