New Apps Page

Very cool


  • Impressive, no doubt!

  • edited March 2013

    Thank you! Loads a lot faster on a mobile connection, too. :)

  • Very nice.

  • Nice work! The lazy loading is great and the 'no results' search page with the easy contact link for developers is a brilliant idea! The animations are just tasty.

    Still a little weird that search only finds strings starting with the query. so 'mini' brings up 'miniSynth 2' but not 'Loopseque Mini' and a search for 'synth' brings up 'synthmate' but nothing else!

  • Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Done! Now searches full name and description too.

  • Nice! great job. :-)

  • Woot. You fellas rock.

  • Love it! Would be cool if keyword search prioritized app names above app descriptions

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