Multitrack DAW wasn't is working!

edited December 2012 in App Tips and Tricks

Hi, maybe can help somebody else...mtd was not showing in audiobus...tried all the usual stuff, uninstalling, reinstalling, resets...nothing!? After a quick exchange of email with audiobus support, Sebastian, thanks again, suggest me to update mtd!?
Well, usually my apps are all up to date, but for some reason, mtd was not, and iTunes did not want to update it.
So I had to delete mtd from my iTunes folder, and then iTunes allowed me to download it again, the latest version.
I don't know what to say......Maybe it was because I had installed the new iTunes few days ago?
I hope this will help...lesson learned? Always check you have the latest version of your apps.
Regards the way.....audiobus on my iPad2 with sunrizer and mtd works perfectly...great stuff...waiting for auria!

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