PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

New track mastered by Tarekith (feedback encouraged!)

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I just posted this. I tried something different by forcing myself to use guitars, my physical controllers/synth, loop pedal and just playing everything live (even turnado glitching drums), no midi. I am by no means a guitar player. I also used some apps I hadn't really used at all in the process. I recorded acoustic guitar through the built in iPad mic in garageband to a simple drum beat it went from there. Apps used are Audiobus, Garageband, Beatmaker 2,Thor, Thumbjam, Turnado, SAMPLR, Harmony Vox, Master Record, Neo Soul Keys, 76 Synthesizer (as an effect on my MicroKorg), Stereo Designer and finally Bitwiz for the distortion. The extended version was mastered by Tarekith after super generous offer to do so for free for people on the this very forum.


  • Thanks for sharing, and congrats to @Tarekith. It really sounds like a pro track.

  • I think the mastering sounds great! Oh wait....


  • Love it! The glitchin, all the different choirs, strings, guitars etc in there just coming together really great, and really lovely melodies.

  • Thanks guys!

    @fjcblanco and @Tarekith: it's true, the mastering sounds great. I had to make sure people knew that you only did the extended one. I don't want you to lose business!

    @ChrisG: wow, thank you for the kind words! I was inspired by an artist named the Album Leaf. I love trying to mix organic with electronic sounds.

  • @Tarekith can you please enlighten us on the tools used during the mastering process?

    Great tracks by the way! It motivates me to ear things like this.

  • Credit where credit is due. Nice job to both of you.

  • @Macao95 said:

    @Tarekith can you please enlighten us on the tools used during the mastering process?

    I'd have to dig it out of my archives to double check, but 99% sure it was just some EQ with Equilibrium and limiting via Pro-L. Probably a touch of stereo manipulation with Voxengo's MSED too.

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    Sounds great. Congrats to both of you. Reminds me of Four Tet or Sebastian Tellier.

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    Thanks @mkell424, @funjunkie, and @Macao95 for the wonderful comments! It's so cool that a such an amzing piece of software and an iPad can bring such a great group of people together!

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