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Using sampler and standalone fx app simultaneously

edited September 2014 in Support and Feedback


I'm currently trying to work out a plan for my final university project, and I would appreciate any advice...

Using audiobus, would it be possible to trigger a sampler running in the background using an external MIDI controller, whilst simultaneously manipulating fx parameters in another standalone app.

Could anybody recommend any audiobus-supported apps for this purpose? Ideally the fx app would allow me to build my own custom interface (for example a full screen xy controller)

Thanks in advance,


  • Yes.

    For a sampler, checkout BeatMaker2.

    For effects, well, there are two options that come to mind. 1). LiveFX has xy pads built in. Others probably too but I'm not thinking of any. 2) get any fx units that support MIDI control of parameters and then use one of the MIDI control surface apps (like MIDI Designer, s1 Midi Trigger... whatever) to create your own custom interface for the effects app(s).

  • Have a look at Turnardo? Everything can be very easily controlled by midi and some of the FX are simply amazing.

  • Also...Depending on what you're trying to do - you might find Loopy useful as your 'sampler'. Works nice with midi and you can record and loop up to 12 different samples on the fly.

  • Flux fx is suppose to come out soon. Xy fx with plenty of fxs onboard.

  • And +1 for midi designer

    You could use it to both control the sampler and as one or more x-y pads to control fx. You'd just need hook it all together carefully with midi CCs and use audiobus to channel the sound.

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